Friday, April 9, 2010

What Would You Do?

Here's the kid' bath...

Beautiful isn't it?

Lets play a little I SPY...
I see a tape measure.
I see a toilet.
I see a can of pledge.
I see a bottle of shampoo.
I see a wastebasket.
I see a broken vanity top.

This is what I see when I go up the stairs.
I see Izzy's name.
I see an unfinished project...that would be the printer's tray....hanging on the wall for way too long, virtually empty.
I see a birch branch.
I see an ugly lightbulb.
I see a tin bucket hanging on a hook.

I see this behind the door.
I tried to close my eyes.
I opened them and this mess was still there.

I see an attempt at repurposing an ugly medicine cabinet...worked for a few years.
I see a C for Carl.
Now Carl would probably like a car....four years from the license, TERRIFYING!
Pray that they up the age to 18.
I see a L for Linnea.
Linnea doesn't always behave like a lamb. How does a lamb behave?
I see a S for Sofi.
Sofi can be a steamroller. Maybe that should stay? Yesterday she gave her "little" sister a bloody nose by hitting her with a pillow.
I see an E for Izzy.
Izzy does not start with an "E," and she surely doesn't resemble an elephant.
I do know how to spell.
Izzy's name has caused lots of confusion.
When I did this little modge-podge five minutes of fun, she went by Ella, which does start with an "E."

So....that needs to all be removed.
I'm scared to see what we find when remove it....
Dad if you're reading this, don't tell me.
I love surprises!

Here's a beauty of a picture.
The window frame was my pathetic attempt to deal with the unframed mirror.
At the time I had virtual twin two year olds, and little time to decorate.
At the time this 2 minute decorating project made me happy.
Now it doesn't.
I didn't know how to deal with the lights.
So...I pretended they weren't there.
Funny, maybe that's why my girls love candlelight baths...

The paint on the wall is black.
I don't mind it....but others think I was nuts to paint the room black.
They shall remain nameless.

So my dear reader,
What would you do with this lovely mess?

I have a toilet.
I need at least a new vanity top...the base is white.
Right now it's sitting in the dining room....we almost hauled it to the curb this morning.
We kept it there, as visions of dollar signs pranced in our heads.

I need to figure out a new medicine cabinet.
I need a new floor.
I need to appease an almost teenage boy, and three girls.
Linnea is rooting for lime green and polka dots.
Carl's not on board.

I need a plan by tomorrow when my dear husband's feet hit the ground.
He wants to work on it all day.
I don't do well making family trips to Home Depot, Lowe's and Menards while under pressure to make a decision.
Not well at all.
Help me please???


  1. I don't know if you live close to an IKEA, but I always love to do kids' bathrooms in bright colors. And they have great cheap towels and shower curtains there. You could base a color scheme on one of those . . .
    If not, I can't help.

  2. Hi Julie-

    From your picture your black walls look like they are painted in semi-gloss. You might want to try an eggshell finish to cover, it will be softer and no shine on it no matter what color you choose. I like to go with a neutral base, say off white tumbled tile floor or something that looks like the real thing. Beadboard on the walls, painted white. White or off white fixtures so they go with anything throughout the years. Having a neutral base lets you change up things on a whim. Colors of towels and shower curtains, etc. In my own kids bath I did this. For accents I hung things they made in art class at school 3-D things as well as flat pictures they drew and then I framed. They add so much color and will make the bathroom a personal place for each of your kids. Good Luck with it and don't get too stressed.

  3. Hi hun, I have one word for you: primer. I learned the hard way that it's easier to prime a black wall once and then you only may need one coat of paint (maybe two). But you can certainly change that black into anything. I can't wait to see what you do!

  4. I would go with all basic colors and add fun accessories that are inexpensive and can be swapped out without breaking the bank. It's hard with kids since they grow and their tastes change. What was cute when they are 3 is not when they are 13. I found keeping things basic with fun elements is the best way.

  5. Just got your comment. Brad went to Law School at UC, so we lived in Hyde Park for three years. I loved it there. Loved it. Except for the cold. And the wind.
    And yes, IKEA has awesome sinks, and pedestals for those sinks, and medicine cabinets, and . . . I did girl's bath and boy's bath, not too kiddie, all from there.
    But watch out. You'll leave with more than you came for!

  6. Hmm, what to do? Get a great mirror at Ross or TJ's to replace the medicine cabinet, and then a cute shelf elsewhere for storage (maybe where the printer's tray is). Paint the vanity a fun color--turquoise with pops of red? Get a sink that is built in to the counter top or if you are feeling adventurous, tile your own counter top. A chalkboard wall would be fun :) Good luck!

  7. I agree IKEA is a good place to start... look in some magazins or books on bath rooms to maby get some idea... looking forward to seeing what you come up with...have fun with it(:

  8. Hi Julie,
    Don't you hate being rushed? My husband is the same way when all of the sudden he wants to get it done and Im not ready.
    I would try Aura paint by Ben Moore, it covers dark colors with a built in primer, awesome.
    I don't think you can go wrong with all of your basics being white...white clasic subway tile for the tub, (cheap) white sink and base (paint and new hardware) classic lighting. Then you can think about making it fun for the kids.
    Have fun!

  9. Oh my dear...if only I lived closer and was on Spring Break. Thurgood and I would be over to your home in a heart beat. :)

    I love the idea of beadboard. It does such a lovely job of hiding flaws and saves the walls (maybe a least a little bit) from toddler prints. :)

    Ikea does have some nice stuff. The closest one for me is 3 hrs away so not much of an option.

    What other storage do you have? I am a FAN..a LOVER of hooks in the bathroom. Our hall bath has a row of hooks that I love for towels. You could (room willing) have silver or ORB hooks on one wall with little nameplates of your children above. Maybe even hang baskets (vertically) for bathroom necessities (toilet paper, etc) too.

    Hope this gives you some ideas. I did see a GREAT oval mirror with a med cabinet at Lowe's the other day...ok...I am rambling. Back to studying Metronidazole. :)


  10. I'm going through the same thing. Home reno that seems to never end. ARGH!