Friday, April 16, 2010

Tantrums and Cookies

Go together.
Too many cookies,
and you'll have one.

Sofi and Izzy wanted a lemonade stand.
We had an hour.
No lemonade.
Plenty of cookie baking supplies.
So a cookie stand it was.

Apparently I did a little quality control.

And today I had a two minute tantrum.
Up 1.3 pounds.
What goes up,
must come down.

No more cookie stands with me supervising.



  1. Lovely lovely, julie, everything, your sweeties, your pictures and your words!

    Wishing you a happy weekend!

  2. You are funny! I thought it was going to be a kiddo that had a tantrum...

  3. No worries. It does take a bit of time when we are putting in the effort, doesn't it? Sweet pics & sweet memories of that lemonade stand!

  4. Funny! I too thought it was about one of the kiddos having a tantrum over cookies! Not the mom!

    ~ Tracy

  5. Your children are so adorable! I have self made promise to ALWAYS stop at a Lemonade or Cookie stand whenever I come across one. Growing up out in the country the REAL treat was getting a I delight in making a child's day and memory. Afterall, I remember all 3 of my customers. :)


  6. If you think about it, a two minute tantrum could burn a lot of calories!!! Maybe you can supervise after all! That is, if the peeps will go for it!

    And I so love the sign. The "Good job" on the bottom of it is precious!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. How cute. My daughter wanted to do a lemonade stand. Dad went and bought all the materials, made it painted it and the craze was over. It is still sitting in the garage.

    I feel for you on the weight thing. I feel like I have been starving myself and still gain weight! Ugh, so not fair!

  8. Wonderful Julie!! I miss my days of lemonade stands with all those littel extra bits along the way. Not to worry about the 1.3...we will see if we can help each other with the B-Well....
    Jeanne :)

  9. Don't get on the scale!! Those kids are too cute!!

  10. So glad you have tantrums too! My husband calls me Thumper because I tap my foot when I don't get my way! They are cuties those girls of yours! I never pass a lemonade stand without stopping. I've been to a couple questionable looking stands before so, I just give them money. They love that!

  11. Awww... how cute! And what a great idea!! I wish I hade thought of that when I was younger. I'll take two cookies please!

  12. I love the cookie stand idea, your such a fun mom! The pictures of your girls is adorable!