Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Running Ramblings

I think when I run.

Today was the perfect day for a five mile run along the river.
Pushing through, moving to the beat of "I've Got a Feeling" (Black-Eyed Peas) on Pandora.
LOVE Pandora stations.
Some of my favorites are....Annie, Bonnie Raitt, Flashdance, Jackson 5, Michael Buble, Lenka, and Pink.
I choose based on my mood.
What's your favorite station?

Thought I'd share part of another bird for the upcoming "Birdland" art show....
here is "Well-Dressed."

Been thinking about this quote...
"She went on a limb, broke the branch....and then she flew."
Author Unknown

Started a challenge with a good friend.
Friday is weigh-in day.
I'm struggling with age, genetics, and sugar still...not a good combination.
I can't do anything about my age or genetics, but I can control the sugar.

Here's my visual reminder of where I'm going....nine down by the time the kids are out of school.
If you want to join me, just tell me how far up or down on Fridays....ex..."down 1.6 pounds."

Spring cleaning and gardening are on the agenda.
Here is my Spring miracle in the garden.

I planted a ton of bulbs last Fall...
I had no idea what colors would come up, or how many.

They're here now.
36 of them.
36 has never been my favorite number.
My first mom died when she was 36.
As a little girl I always hoped I'd make it past 36.
I did.
My second mom died when I was 36.
Funny, I've never liked Mother's Day.
I think it's a stupid Hallmark holiday.

I'm two years on the other side now.

...and I'm flying.



  1. Holy crap batman! 5 miles?! You are my hero! I can't remember the last time that I ran for fun.

    I agree with you on the Mother's Day thing. The whole day is spent making sure that my MIL, SIL and my SIL's MIL have a great day and we do all they want. Really sucks.

  2. Isn't running just a great way to free your mind? I should do more of it and stop eating as much sugar too. I've cut down, but the jellybeans killed me. All those fruity flavors.

    I too battle with the Mother's Day issue. I find myself trying to make it extra special for my MIL, SIL, etc, but really I just want to be by myself and think of the mother I no longer have.

  3. 5 miles? Wow! I am hoping to be down 4-6 lbs by the time school is out. Already down 4. Will let you know on Fridays! beautiful pics & writing~you always keep us coming back for more!

  4. Those tulips are spectacular. So impressed.
    I've run two marathons (in a former life, it seems) and there is NOTHING better than running. Keep up with the sugar. Between that and the running, you'll get there!

  5. 5 miles!!!! Wow i wish i could run 5 miles!

  6. Love your tulips! And I am not a big fan of Mother's Day either!

    Have a great weekend flying!

  7. Wow I can't even run 5 steps! Way to go! Mother's Day is not a Holiday I like anymore either. My mom is gone too! So sorry about your moms, but you are two years past and with all this exercise you will live to be 100! Woo, Hoo!

  8. From Katie. . .
    It is amazing how "special" DAY's can hold so much pressure, loss, expectation, tears, and unwanted "what-if's"

    I think it is my own birthday that I have had harder times with in my later growing up years--not cause of the age thing--just don't know quite how to try the day on--like wriggling your way into a horrid pair of pantyhose.

    I, on the other hand don't mind Mother's Day---There are some AMAZING Mom's out there that I don't always remember to thank God for (like the ones I've had and ones who have had me along the way)--sometimes I need a nudge to remember. YOU are one of those people---I celebrate you---not just you as "sister" but the you who emerged when you became a mom. But if you want I'll celebrate you on another day--or all the other days. : )