Monday, April 19, 2010

Kiddy Lit and Bathrooms

A true story.

If you find water seeping into your hallway from the bathroom,
You'll need to rip out the linoleum.

After you rip out the linoleum,
you'll find you need a new subfloor.

While fixing the subfloor,
you'll need to pull out the toilet.

While pulling out the toilet,
you'll remove wallboard on the adjoining shelf.

Upon seeing the ripped wallboard,
you'll investigate a little further.

While you investigate,
you'll realize there are three layers of wallpaper covered in three coats of paint.

While pondering this,
you'll pull out the vanity.

As you remove the sink,
it will crack.

Upon viewing the large crack,
you'll head out looking for a new vanity.

Upon finding a new vanity,
you'll look closely at the old disgusting medicine cabinet.

While removing the medicine cabinet,
you'll find some hidden wallspace.

While looking at the new possibilities,
you'll discover a hot wire.

While taking care of the hot wire,
you'll look at the wallpaper and paint covered drywall again.

While dealing with the mess,
you investigate further.

While investigating,
you remove existing mirror and lighting.

The removal of mirror and lighting
sends spouse in search of new options.

Upon further discussion with spouse,
you will rip out the drywall.

While ripping out the drywall,
you'll be concerned by the tile attached to the drywall.

Upon pondering that further,
you'll realize the dust and mess is too much to deal with.

While in the dust you constantly cough,
leaving a messy trail behind.

The messy trail has now seeped into the hallway,
leaving you to clean up the floor in the bathroom and start again.

*the "you" in the party is my dear husband...who once again is juggling work, home improvement, and life.....


  1. Oh this is too funny! I feel your pain...but it will be so worth it!

  2. oh no! hate it when a quick update turns into money (& time) pit! it will be worth it when it is done:)

  3. This is hilarious! And sooooo true. It's just better to live with it and let the house eventually catch fire.
    Hope you had luck at IKEA . . . .

  4. Oh no! What a snowball effect! Look on the bright side, it sounds like your bathroom will be just like new! xx

  5. I could have written this exact same post..(not as well though!)....your husband sounds just like mine...juggling work, never ending home improvements and life...we're trying to get stuff done before the summer when we take a break from the first two!

  6. Oh I feel your pain. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest! How lucky you are to have a patient hubby. I think mine would have given up after the toilet was out. Look out gas station! Here we come!

  7. Oh YUCK! That has happened to us a few times. Hang in there it will come out beautiful! ~lulu

  8. Oh dear Julie....I am so glad we are renting at the moment. I love calling the landlord for every little thing. Saying that, we are landlords as well and we dread the phone call from the managing agent!
    I hope there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel for you all :)


  9. OH MY!!thats so sad I feel your pain...its always that way when it rains it pours...You will be so happy when its done(:

  10. Oh MAN!! I have thought of that book so many times when it comes to fixing a problem (or 20)!! So so true! I hope you (your hubby ;) ) was able to get everything fixed back up! Good luck!


  11. Oh you gave me a good laugh, but I'm sorry at the same time! I hope you finish soon XO

  12. This was so great to read! Sorry it wasn't as fun to deal with!

  13. Sounds chillingly familiar...

  14. I love this.. I'm sorry for what brought it on though. We frequently use "If you give a mouse a cookie" as the start to life lessons in our house :)