Saturday, April 24, 2010

Math Lessons for My Little Thrifters

My kids are growing like weeds,
and I've been weeding through their drawers.

Last week we did a little thrifting,
and came back with a pile of tags,

a pile for Sofi

and a pile for Izzy....

Fun, happy colors...
All in excellent shape, and things they picked out.

First I took them to Target and Old Navy for a little window shopping.
They each found something that they tried on and liked for $15.

We left the capris,
and went down the road.

I told them we could head back for that one pair of capris,
or get their stack for $13.

Each chose their $13 stack,
and took the $2 to garage sales.

I did the same little lesson with Linnea when she was six,
and she still talks about it.

she still loves to go thrifting with me, five years later...

Now they are ready for Summer...
and I'm not quite there....



  1. Great idea. My Lily is 10, and she could really use this lesson. Maybe next Saturday.

  2. Even if I tried, I do not think I can imagine my world without your friendship. If ever I was MEANT to meet someone in this little blog world and become friends...I do believe it is you.

    Thank you for all your encouragement and support. The words you send me strengthen the very fibers of my soul and for that --- I am ever so grateful. I am truly a better woman, a better mom, a better daughter, and a better granddaughter because of you.

    Thank you for your shall always have mine...always.


  3. Oooh, I so need to follow that idea. We seem to do too many splurges and head to their favorites like Gap and Justice. However, I always use those "buck" cards when shopping at Justice and try to hit the sale rack as much as possible. I buy my kids better stuff than I buy myself. I should blog about that.

  4. That is an awesome idea! I will have to try that out with my kids. Unfortunately, they are not so much the problem as mom is. I just can't resist when I see a super cute outfit in the stores!

  5. I love going to a Children's Orchard here in MA. Seeing that my 4 year old has holes in almost every knee in his jeans (including the new GAP ones that I bought 2 months ago), 2nd hand is the way to go! Sounds like a funny thrifty trip! ;)Alyssa

  6. That should be fun, not funny thrifty trip, but I'm sure it might have been funny too! lol! Eegahds!

  7. What a great idea and a great lesson for your kiddos! Brilliant move mama!

  8. What a great post and such an eye opener for little ones. Neat idea. Blessings! ~Amy

  9. Smart kids. I remember the first time I took my eldest to Target. She kept referring to it as "The store with the same shirts over and over again." ;) Thanks for posting this...