Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Escape From Weeds and Dust Bunnies

Why I am so overwhelmed?

The bathroom is still unusable.
The house needs to be powerwashed and painted.
The living room needs some drywall repaired.
The gazebo needs to go up.
The patio needs to be ripped out.
The hot tub died.
The birch tree needs to be removed.
Two trees need trimming.
The front walk and drive need to be sealed.
The front patio bricks are falling apart.
The grass is growing and weeds are filling the beds.

While I tend to things outside, the dust bunnies keep coming.
I'm in the car every afternoon carting kids back and forth from activities and picking Mark up from the train.
I have a few other projects for church and school to finish up.

It's April.
I'm always overwhelmed as we head outside and still have rainy days inside.
The calendar is piling up with end of the year concerts and excursions.
Spring and four kids and two dogs = constant dirt...no matter what I do.

What to do?

Escape on a date with my boy for a bit.
Isn't he cute?

Since he was a toddler, his favorite place to go with me is a library or a bookstore.
We plop down with a drink and explore a stack of books together.

And I feel much better.....


  1. this is my idea of a perfect date as well. And my to do list looks a lot like yours! get any good books???

  2. He sure is handsome! I got the same to do list here without the unusable bathroom. My son was bugging me to do something, I forget what, a few years ago. I told him I couldn't cause I had things to do. He looked at me and said "But I'm only going to be 9 for a year". Now I just let the stuff pile up. I'll get to it when I feel like it. Good for you for taking the day with your son. I am sure when he gets older he will remember those dates with Mom fondly!

  3. He is a cutie, my daughter and I like to go to Barnes n Noble and play chess amongst all the books. Its our little escape from all our chores. Have fun with that bathroom. :) I just finished up ours. When its all done youll feel great.

  4. The bathroom and outside chores can wait. Boys grow up and leave. I know.
    Smart mom to peruse the bookstore.

  5. Ugh, your list sound like my list! Then I was reading it and got stressed out again! Like get off the computer and stop blogging...lol..i have a ton to and all i want to do is suck up all the inpspiration I can, by brain is craving it like a Starbucks Black Tea! ~lulu

  6. What a fun adventure! My boys are grown with families of their own... enjoy every minute now... you are making wonderful memories.

  7. He is so sweet!
    Just breathe...we all have the list and we have to remind ourselves to just pick at it until its gone. Im telling this to myself because Im freaking out too!

  8. welcome to spring~where you make your list & try to get something accomplished. {i luv hiding out in the bookstore, too! great that you got away with your son!} don't forget to just breathe in that lovely spring air!

  9. I just think you have the sweetest blog! You seem like such a wonderful mom, someone who truly enjoys what you do. And that seems so hard to find! Thanks for being a good example to a young newlywed : )

  10. What a good looking boy! You are so blessed to have a lovely son that is happy to hang out with you! xx

  11. I LOVE that you go on dates with your boy like this!! I have been thinking my nine year old is old enough to spend some quality barnes and noble time with me...I think she'd just get lost! lol How FUN!

    I also think it's awesome that you abandoned that mile long to-do list to do something FUN! :)

  12. Date nights with the kiddos are THE best! He is handsome and I can't believe you have a kiddo that age! Yay for blowing off to do lists for fun memories with your kids! :)

  13. Your list makes me remember my list. Will we ever not have a list? I love that he loves the bookstore. What a cutie!

  14. LOVE the mommy and son dates. I take Thurgood on those already..I love how it becomes FUN to have just mommy and me time.

    As I type this I can not believe it has yet to let up on the rain...and so my front yard becomes more like a jungle every second. At least the backyard is mowed (which is where the playground is.)