Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How Do You Recharge?

Today is one of those rainy April days,
I cleaned late last night,
Worked out this morning,
and now the girls each have a playdate here.

Call me nuts,
but it's easier to have two extra girls here for the afternoon.
They will happily play,
and I will recharge my batteries.

Reminder to self,
4 kids home for 11 days will exhaust you,
and will be fantastic too.
They will make a mess.
There will be piles of laundry upon their return to school.
Floors to clean,
and of course unplanned projects (more on that tomorrow...).

This afternoon I'm recharging with....

A good lunch...these are my favorite veggie burgers...

a new read....

a soy chai latte

A little treat....

shhhh...nobody has discovered my secret dark chocolate stash yet...

And then bake and decorate cookies with the girls and their friends...

A perfect afternoon.

How about you?
What do you do to recharge?



  1. Hi Julie, your tulip 'ornament' for the cookies is great! To recharge I send Mark with the children for a lovely bike ride, make myself much much tea, add a (or 2) chocolate bars, pick some magazines, jump on the couch covered in my favorite pink/white quilt en dream away.... Hoping the bike ride will take at least 1 hour!

    Have a happy day, sweet Julie. xoxo

  2. Oh you are so right about having friends over. Even though it is louder it keeps everyone happier. I am so going to try that soy chai latte, yum! You are such a good mommy for baking with the kids, sounds like fun!

    Thanks for the kind words and prayers!

  3. I recharge by renovating and completing a poroject I can ACTUALLY hold in my hands and SEE results. :) I also recharge by blogging...which explains why this week has not only made me disappear..but I may need a blogging fix every 4 hrs to keep my sanity this q. :)


  4. I get in my car and drive with the radio blaring! I've been known to drive so far I get lost!! Thank goodness for cellphones..(I think!)