Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just Call Me Mrs. Rogers

I have changed my shoes and sweater/sweatshirt four times today...

1. Sneakers to walk

2. Ballet flats to be art mom
until I decided to keep Izzy home

3. and put on my sneaks again...

4. then garden sneaks
until the mower ran out of gas...

5. back to sneakers
to run on the treadmill....

6. sandals for a meeting....

and now I'm off to a track meet....
I'm not running,
just cheering the boy on...
....and it will be too cold for sandals.

Ridiculous, isn't it?

This is how I feel...right now. My dear son took this video of me on the train after a long day in Chicago. Prepare to be amused. :)


  1. Oh you poor thing! All that shoe changing can be very tiring! I just stick with barefoot. Typical hillbilly!

  2. I'm so sorry to laugh but that was very funny! I love the giggles in the background, what a hoot! Well you better turn in early Mrs. Rogers, I'm afraid all your running has you beat! You might need a massage after that whip lash I witnessed!

  3. Love the giggles...adorable! I nanny a two-year-old, and all we do all day is change shoes. :)

  4. I laughed! Kids giggling. Your head nodding. It was funny. Go rest those tired feet.

  5. Funny. I love any reference to my friend, Fred.

    Not sure how I got here because I've been click happy, but I like your blog.

  6. Couldn't get the video to work. I'll try again tomorrow. But all the shoe changing made me tired. I was art mom today too. In kindergarten. And I wore my orange ballet flats. It must have been in the air.
    FYI--think Paige came from my blog. She's funny. Worth your time.

  7. Oh Julie honey, I am so sorry, but those little giggles just made me laugh out loud!! I hope you got some very well deserved rest, and that the giggle pot didn't get too many extra chores added to his list as payback - lol!! Big hugs to you Julie ~ Tina xx

  8. That is greatness! Poor you - I just want you to lay that sweet head down! But I I love that you can laugh at yourself and share that! And I agree, the giggles make it!

  9. so funny! you poor tired thing:) your post just makes me smile, coz I feel the same way many days & of course I adored Fred!!! {boy, you were really tired, weren't you? you must be one of those gals that goes until she drops & as my BF says we can sleep when we are dead!!}

  10. At first I thought you were bopping to music ( I have no sound on my computer ) now im laughing my freckles off! poor but very brave you for giving/laughing at yourself like this

  11. Oh my poor friend! I am the queen of the head bob when I carpool...I don't even try to "hide" it anymore. I love the giggle in the background.

    Hope you get some rest this weekend...and put those footsies up. :)


  12. Oooh, you poor poor friend, I have to say your son's giggles are the cutest I've ever heard! You just take of your running shoes and get a lot of R&R, right now, sweet Julie! Sending a big hug your way for a great weekend. xx

  13. So funny! I haven't even put one pair of shoes on today! I couldn't be more lazy.