Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Almost Time....

for the 10th annual Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt!

Every year I question my sanity....

but every year, we send out invitations to the neighbors,

match about 1000 eggs...

and wait for the baskets to be filled...

Every year I'm thankful for this little tradition we started when Carl was four, and Linnea two.

We started with 12 kids, and about 150 eggs. In recent years we've had about 40 kids hunting, 40-50 teens and adults hanging out, and 1000 eggs. After we match the eggs, and fill a tub's worth, the other moms help. They pick up bags of eggs, or drop off fill, and neighborhood kids do the rest.

The morning of the hunt the middle school and high school kids do the hiding. Sometimes a few of the dads join in the fun too. I buy chocolate bunnies for the kids doing the hiding.

Ages 1- 5th grade can hunt. The 3rd-5th graders go to an adjoining yard, and take off first. The little ones stay in our yard. It's over in about 2 minutes. TWO MINUTES!

We linger in the yard and patio for a long time...catching up and nibbling on treats and drinking coffee. It's one of our favorite days of the year...

off to stuff a few more eggs, and finish the Spring yard clean-up!


  1. Oh I love it!!! What a fun thing to do! I bet the kids have a blast. Though it sounds like everyone who has a part in it enjoy this activity (I especially like the coffee with friends part :-)
    Happy Easter.

  2. What a great tradition! My SIL started the egg hunting tradition before dinner which she also hosts. It's still like that. I miss making the eggs and hiding them though.

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.

  3. What a fabulous tradition you have created Julie! Wow I wish we lived in your neighbourhood:) Have fun! Happy Easter to you and your lovely family ~ Tina x

  4. WOW you guys go all out....I was one of these sad pathetic mothers who just threw the chocolate eggs off the backyard deck and yelled Easter Egg Hunt....I like the spirit in your neighborhood and the comraderie that this tradition has created.

  5. Sheesh! 1000 eggs!

    And we thought WE had it bad, having to hide 75 eggs for the 4 grandkids . . .

  6. Grandkids being my MOM'S grandkids--my brother's kids and mine.

    Wanted to clarify: I'm not a grandma yet!

  7. Did I read that right? 1000 eggs? Oh fun! (As I say this I realize how much work...but for every child -- how wonderful.)

    My uncle LOVES to dye the eggs late Saturday night. And lucky for me....he is visiting us this Easter. :)

    What a great tradition which is just the start of great memories.