Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Zipping Along

I'm feeling like Olivia today. Have you read this sweet little book? You really should. I think she has creative ADD like me. She's always on the go, has her own sense of style, and loves to paint.

Today I'm painting the art room and in between painting, I feel like Olivia, who moves the cat out of her way. Strange analogy I know...you have to read the book. I keep moving things out of my way and juggling mom duties, and then go back and pick up my paintbrush.

I think Linnea was slightly mortified by my apparel when I picked her up from school today. Paint-splattered overalls and a baseball cap really aren't her style.

This is.

Today is Tuesday. Zippy day. Every Tuesday Linnea becomes Zippy, a caring clown, and visits the first floor at a nursing home down the road. She's been in training for a year and a half and I'm so proud of her! Today she tries out her new bubble tricks.

Sending bubbles, polka dots and paint splatters your way,


  1. I haven't read Olivia, but it looks really cute!!
    I'm like that too, totally juggling everything all the time!~

  2. Julie!
    Have been reading your posts with no time to comment! I absolutely adore this picture of Linnea. She must have a beautiful heart to contribute her time to those in a nursing home.

    I do have a question, if you will indulge me. Do you have a set time schedule to write your blog? Just wondering.. Or is this like Olivia also?? :) I think I understand if it is the latter.

    Thanks for posting your blog and giving me a place to hide out for a while, rest and enjoy a quaint piece of heaven.

  3. Young people dressed as clowns making the world a better place--now THAT'S true style. How wonderful!

    Oh, and I LOVE Olivia!

  4. I think most women juggle don't they? :)

    Linnea does have an amazing heart...I'm daily inspired by her.

    Sandy- It is an Olivia thing. I don't have a set time. With 4 kids, 2 dogs, and a husband who commutes most days to downtown, life is pretty busy around here. My day has some scheduled moments to it (pick-up, drop-off, running kids around, tutoring), and way too many self-imposed expectations. I have been trying to post 5-6 times a week, but pretty much I write when an idea comes to me. It's been a wonderful outlet, and so fun to scroll through my all too disorganized digital photos and add a story. I'm not techy at all, and I've been amazed at how easy it is to navigate blogger.
    Blogging has been such a fun way to connect with family, and meet new friends in blogland. If I had known how easy it was, I would have started it 5 years ago when I started following scrapbooking blogs! So glad to know you're enjoying my little world!

  5. Julie...we love Olivia here! And you should be so proud of Linnea..what a wonderful thing she is doing! I also wish I had found blogland years ago! This has been such a creative outlet for me as a SAHM...what fabulous blogs and people out there!

  6. Julie, luv your blog & that is so sweet of your daughter! We have the Linnea book (bought it in France 9 years ago). Keep up the good work, you are an inspiration!

  7. Olivia.... sounds great to me. Love your post today, ear-to-ear smile. Off to google to get some info on this amazing Olivia! xoxoxox

  8. ohhh Im a total jiggler!!! lol. You are so creative! I thought we might get to see a peek of you in that cap and overalls :) Oh and the pics, I cant believe that a diff the 2 of your cutie nephew made, seriously!! xoxo LA

  9. I so know what you're saying. Seems like we can never just focus on one task, doesn't it? What a sweet thing your daughter does!! Adorable photo too!