Monday, March 8, 2010

Still Here

"There are many ways of going forward,
but only one way of standing still."
-Franklin D. Roosevelt

Izzy, April 2009

Photo taken by my dear friend Trish, Izzy's godmother.

I'm moving forward,
plowing through puddles of little things,
and embracing this beautiful thing called life,
even in the rain and the mud.


  1. You and I are sisters my dear. I was just posting to someone of an idea that involved doing a sea of B&W pictures and then incorporating within the gallery, a picture that highlighted red (red is the accent color used within the room) and I mentioned a photo of a girl in red rain boots.

    I was about to head to bed and saw your blog was profound.

    I just want to thank you so much for your sweet words and ever present friendship. Your comment was ever so touching. Maybe one day we will share that cup of tea together.


  2. Gorgeous post, Julie! Your sweet Izzy beautifully dressed in the rain, holding her Big Friend. So so fragile! Lovely, just Lovely!! xoxo

  3. Love that picture! I like unusual pics of kids instead of the standard posed pictures. That could be a poster. She just looks so cute in her red boots!

    Thank you for your sweet words! You are just an angel!

  4. what a great photo Julie...and love your words.. Off to read Izzy's Godmother's site...

  5. I'm so impressed that you're in an art show. In another life, I yearn to be an artist. Frankly, all I could manage was a C in college drawing (and that was a gift from the teacher) and a degree in art history. I'd love to see some of your work.

  6. Wonderful photo and quote from a very wise man. Standing still...a lovely thought!

  7. simply precious! Also, thank you for your kind words on my blog! I appreciate it! i read your blog often:)

  8. Precious image, precious thoughts.
    I just love this blog.

  9. Oh, so pretty! I love that picture. And your thoughts are wonderful. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am so glad to discover yours.

    As far as the wall stripes, they're not super hard, the measuring part and taping is just a little challenging. But pick up some frog tape at Lowe's. It will save your life!

    Looking forward to keeping up with your post! 4 girls? That sounds like a whirlwind!

  10. From Katie------
    I plow through puddles. . and skip and dance through them too......