Monday, March 1, 2010

Art Room Before Pics

I promised I'd post some pictures of the Art Room today....
and here they are...
before I gutted the room.
Lots and lots of stuff.
Drawers from Ikea.
Paper sorters ordered online.
Red chairs found at THE thrift store 3 for $10 while shopping with my dear friend Trish.
Chandelier from my favorite yard sale EVER at my inlaws neighbor's home...
on the 4th of July...
I went over and drooled for a bit during the BBQ
and came back with it...
and a few other things...

Brads and eyelets all organized.
Letters organized in muffin tins, $.50 at the thrift store.

Gallery of artwork thanks to the kids.
All of their supplies organized in the toolbox and drawers.
The toolbox is staying on the counter.
It's amazing isn't it?
Found at the same sale as the antique broomholder featured in a previous post.
Another fabulous a family friends' home.
Why do I remember these things
but can't remember what my children are wearing,
or why I ran up the stairs
or what I need to buy at the grocery store?

Anyway, these are the before pics.

All that remains in the room now is my counter and a table.
Everything I'm keeping has been moved into the closet.
Even the bookcase.
And it's fabulous....

All of the organization has left me tired.
Very tired.
Too tired to go take the pics of the closet.

So tired I could stand and sleep here at the computer.

These pics aren't staged.
Izzy did not help me organize.
That's really not her thing...
just ask her sisters.
She played in the snow.
I don't have time to sleep and stand.

I need to get moving and open the cans of paint Mark bought yesterday between innings...
no that's not what they're called.
Those increments of time in the hockey game.
THE hockey game.
United States vs. Canada.
At least I know that much.
I didn't watch it.
I was gutting the art room.
He went out and bought the paint.
Now I better go use the paint.
So he can sit in the playroom and watch the next game.
Whatever that may be....

p.s. It must be another special day because my magic hairspray is still squirting!


  1. Dearest Julie in the art room with the paint, I'm sending you much inspiration, joy and hugs! Saskia

  2. Oh my dear friend, I would LOVE an art/craft room...when can Thurgood and I come over to play? :) Biting at the bit to see the AFTER now. :)


  3. Funny post! Go hairspray! Great room and love the muffins pans as organizers! ~lulu

  4. Love your room! The muffin tins are adorable as organizers:-)

  5. oh to have an art/craft/sewing room!! you lucky girl!! love the muffin tins!

  6. great ideal! muffin tins to organizers!! really would love to have a room to craft in.. lucky you! looks great too!

  7. I too would love an art room. Our art room is the dining room. This is my first visit. 3 girls, 17 years married, and beginning a big house makeover. Nice to find a kindred spirit in blog land. Another great itty bitty organizer is old ice cube trays. I use them for jewelry.
    Take care,
    Dana (a new friend from Northern Canada)

  8. Sweet Julie, you made me laugh on your lovely comment just now. Those are indeed a kind of Ice cream cones.... Unfortunately I cannot send some over to you, think they would not make it..... Have a happy, happy afternoon and evening! I'm almost turning in ....

  9. What a fun and inspiring craft room! Love the storage pieces you use. . .I'll have to find some chic vintage muffin tins now. ;-)

  10. Standing and sleeping at the cute and so funny! How exciting to be working on your art room! There's nothing like fresh paint and a newly organized room. Perfect for creating!!

  11. Julie,
    It looks amazing! I would love to create something fun there.
    And that toolbox IS awesome! When I was at the flea market someone was selling one like yours for $200.00!!
    Your girls are too cute together! Can't wait to see what kind of things you come up with for your show. Looks like your all ready to go!