Friday, March 19, 2010

How to Bring Me To Tears

...and cause a meltdown.

Send me flowers.
My husband has learned after 17 years of marriage, and 4 years of dating, to never ever send me flowers. A flower delivery truck can send me over the edge.

You're probably stuck on those numbers...I don't look that old do I? Ok, don't do the math, I'll do it for you. I was 16 when we met, and 20 when we got married...a month shy of 21. I know, I was a BABY. So, now I'm 29, right?

Anyway...I'll let you do the rest of the math.
Just don't send me flowers.

I don't do bouquets.

I don't do flower arrangements.

Without a meltdown.

It's a little quirk, I know.
If you do bring me flowers, from the garden is great, and the wilder the better.

... a plastic wrap from the grocery store or market, no problem.
Just, please, no red roses, or anything in tones of mauve, or white daisies.
Or anything artfully arranged.
If it is, I'll rip it apart and disperse it all throughout our home. I'll also have a meltdown that will put me in my closet crying for a bit. I may even put a call into a friend.

A rose in the bathroom...yellow is fine.

On the birdbath...this pink is fine.

In a little pitcher on the counter, no problem.

The red roses, or mauve flowers, or daisies, will be put at the nearby nursing home on someone's little make their day.

They might even be placed on a neighbor's doorstep.

The red roses, mauve ones, and daisies, or anything arranged reminds me of funerals. When you're little and go to a lot of them for people you love, you have a lot of visual memories. For me, all of the above bring out my darkest of days....and cause a meltdown.

My sweet husband brought flowers home from the grocery store last night, and left them to sit in a vase of water. I found them this morning. It was very sweet...and very thoughtful. They are now dispersed through our home. I'd rather have little flower vases everywhere than one big one that looks like a funeral arrangement.

So there,
you learned a little more of my quirks.
Too bad the mauve ones from the grocery store boquet can't make it to your doorstep.
I guess Sofi and Izzy have a few deliveries to make. :)


  1. I too posted about flowers today. Although, I must admit we have very different reactions to them. A flower "blog bug" must have been going around today. Too funny. I like your idea of sharing the blooms. It aligns with my frugal nature : ) Sorry about the mauve ones though. I would have been happy to take them off your hands.

  2. Julie, Thank you so much for your comment on my latest art piece it really meant a lot to me:)
    I have built BIRDHOUSES for Years and decorate with them, It was meant to be to do this latest piece when I saw Jeanne's piece at
    Mine being different in so many ways the inspiration was there.
    Gotta love her for her creative energy :)

    Love your site and I never make a habbit of feeding off others art and Miss "J's" was the first....Soooo! WATCH OUT!! you may be next. LOL!
    Be inspired
    Oooh! about Camp, I can see you have a full house, camp is in your heart and that's what matters.

  3. That was such a beautifully honest post! I sometimes feel the same. Flowers are my favorite thing..My husband always gets them for me. It makes my day too! ~lulu

  4. Hi Julie, you are surely not alone in this "quirk". In fact, I think you've turned this quirk into a fabulous decorating opportunity. I love the thought of the individually dispersed flowers throughout your home. Just beautiful. Hope you're having a terrific weekend with your lovely ones. Meredy xo.

  5. I love putting little jars of flowers round my house too! spread the joy from room to room! I am not a red roses kinda gal... buy me a daisy or a lily anyday!! ;)
    Lovely! I begin to want flowers in the spring!

  6. I actually like the little bouquets here and there better anyway. My favorite is probably one stem in my little bud vase in my kitchen window. It's just sweet.

  7. Julie I do the same thing. If someone brings me a bouquet..I tear the whole thing up..usually cut the flowers way down and put them in tea cups, little vases, small candle votives...spread them out all over my home! Great post!!

  8. Enjoy your flowers! My kids are always bringing me dandelions. I think it is sweet that they think of me. So you usually find a vase of dandelions or weeds somewhere in the house.

  9. Thurgood brought me flowers the other day from the country. Flowers remind me of theatre and my days on the mom and dad ALWAYS sent me flowers before a show. Amazing how the memory processes things.

    I love how you spread "the love" about the house. Hope you don't mind if I copy that idea. :)