Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Soulful Style (Long Post)

I've been working hard at this room,
I thought today I'd take you on a little tour and
share the details behind the pieces within...

For those who care,
the walls are Behr Glamorous White
the trim is Behr Vermont Cream
I've got to be honest...I often pick colors by their names....
anyone else do that?
The cabinet is Benjamin Boor- Coventry Gray
Boring name, but I highly recommend the color....

Yesterday, I found this beautiful quote on a blog,
and wrote it here on my "new" chalkboard/ photoboard.
When I found this curbside, the glass was missing in the bottom pane.
I was out of twine, so used some old lace and my trusty glue gun.
I wrapped the back in burlap, and used some more glue.

I had these mini clips hanging around, and added some of my mom's button collection.

Underneath the frame is my Grandma Izzy's sleeper sofa.
This will come in handy for guests, or when the kids have sleepovers...
It's a sweet little loveseat that she took meticulous care of.
I found a canvas slipcover and pleated white pleated pillows at Target,
and made the bumpy pillow from a garage sale find.
The burlap one is leftover from the curtain I made for the counter.

I love to read, and this is nestled next to the couch for books and magazines.
A friend of mine was moving and had placed this on the curb...
I think it's an old wash bucket with a ringer....

I fashioned this fabric into another pillow...note the monogram!
I found it at a barn sale in Door County.
If our husbands weren't around, and our car wasn't already loaded,
my sister and I would have cleared out the place....

Anyone speak German?
According to my brother this pillow reads,
"Each Day Brings New Worries."
Cheery thought, huh?
We found it amongst my mom's sewing things after she passed away.
I wish we had an inkling of the story behind it...but we don't.
I love the embroidery.
My brother thought I was nuts to want it!
He can sleep on this sleeper sofa when he visits....

View from the closet wall....
I found the curtain valance a few years ago at the thrift store.
The other side has yucky embroidering on it.
I soaked it in bleach and flipped it around. Voila!

Door found at my neighbor's curb down the street...it was so heavy that I had to send poor Mark down for it after dark. I checked a few times to make sure it was still there.
I've been holding on to it for a few years...
Finally I had a plan!
I covered cork squares we had on hand with burlap and lace,
and we hung the cork panels with liquid nails.

Grandma Izzy's Joy of Cooking....
I know it's a weird spot to have it, but it makes me smile.
Plus I'll have something fun to read from time to time....

Since I'm not baking cupcakes these days, I thought I could at least indulge in the smell...

Found this at Target....smells yummy!

My Grandma Agnes' toy sewing machine, complete with the sharp needle....and moving parts!
I've dragged it from room to room and around the country since I was a little girl.
Love it!

Details on the door....
I need to get some black and whites of the rest of the family and hang them up there!
Here is Sofi and her bear...another beautiful pic by Trish...

Everyone needs a few angels watching over them,
and I have at least two,
some even have broken wings...

Thank you Trish for these two sweet cherubs...
finally they can watch me while I work!

I share this space with my kids,
and that can provide many challenges.
This table from Ikea helps, and is great for homework, games, puzzles, or art projects.
The legs can easily be removed to make room for a house guest.
The chandelier is from a yard sale.
It will be moved to our gazebo later this Spring.
I painted the formerly red chairs....

Here are some more cherubs....
Found this sweet chair curbside on a morning run,
complete with the angels...

Ok, I guess I am a major garbage picker!
I found this at another neighbors down the road....
good thing I often run when it's dark!

Inside are photo boxes....
and no, they are not in meticulous order.
There are more photo boxes hiding in a suitcase behind the door with the fun wreath.
That's a HUGE project for a rainy day....

And here my friends is the ugly wall....
The tv is resting on Grandpa Malcolm's trunk.
I debated long and hard about putting the tv back in.
But you know what?
I like to have it on HGTV or some other silly show or movie sometimes....
so it's staying!
The door has been outfitted with a lock to keep little hands out of
my "pantry" of crafting treasures....
And to the right of the "pantry" is some ugly laminate that really needs some help...

It opens to reveal Sofi and Izzy's school room.
I wanted to take it down,
but they use it almost every day to play school.

This may be my solution to beautify it a bit....
Shutters, framed in barnwood,
or modge-podge a map on top....
What do you think?

If you made it this far, I am shocked I held your interest with my pics and ramblings.
I'm just glad to have found some kindred spirits who love to make their house a home and find treasures curbside and repurpose them!

My next post will be on how I organized things.....another sleeper! :)


  1. Love the door above the desk. I just love how you are using it for pictures and messages, neat idea. I pick paint on occasion because of the name, I think that way I will remember it if someone asks me or if I need more. I must say, I think you have crazy people on your block who throw away great things. Don't have them come over or they might take their stuff back, lol!

  2. How lovely Julie your house. I'll have you on my blog list for sure! Have a lovely day!
    Li :-)

  3. You ALWAYS will have my attention. Your detailing is exquisite. I am completely smitten with your room. I think it is the perfect marriage of thoughtfulness, usefulness, and cottage bliss. I love the idea of a map on the school board! I am sure you could find a few at the thrift store and maybe even age them so they are a more desaturated color palette. Oh! Maybe even have the girls put stickers (of your choice or theirs) on places they would like to someday visit. I would turn the whole craft project into a lesson (haha...the school teacher in me coming out).

    BTW -- I always thought it would be a fabulous job to NAME paints. Can you imagine how fun that would be?


  4. oooh...I love all of it!! These are so cool. I am really wanting to find some old windows but not sure where to look for those! I love the door on the wall! Great ideas! :)

  5. The pillow reads: "Every morning (the word "day" in German is "tag") brings new problems (or worries)". Just leave it to the Germans to be so cheerful!

  6. I love picking out paint...we just painted our porch "Nantucket Fog"...it's a bit more blue than grey...not what I really wanted..but loved the name! I also love Providence Olive!

  7. You have impeccable taste. And I do so wish I had a vintage sewing machine like that!

  8. I adore your new room! So sweet, especially the pillow! Each day does bring new worries, but maybe we can get rid of the old ones too! All your sweet little touches are heavenly!

  9. I don't think these posts are boring. Quite love them! And I love your craft room. So impressed. Can't wait to see the organizing.

  10. Love that quote! So inspiring. Your room looks very inviting. I would love to come over and craft w/you! =)