Monday, March 22, 2010

Grounds in my Coffee

I could lie down on the floor kind of tired....
and I'd sleep just fine.

Try as I may, today was just another weird day in the life kind of days.
Mondays can be a jolt to the system, and today was no exception.
The plans I had, fell through.

I changed gears, went to the gym, and did spinning.
Not the yarn kind of spinning.
Sweating like I've never sweat before kind of spinning.
On a bike.
In the dark.
With strangers.
With images of Puerto Rico on the screen in front of me, a trainer screaming out commands,
20 sweaty bodies crammed in a room, all pounding and sweating like mad.
Following along like a drill team.
Sweet adrenaline-rushing dance music thundering over the speakers.

What a way to wake up and start the day.
I loved it.
I'll do it again.
At 5:15 tomorrow morning.

An hour later, my body became a pretzel.
Really it did.
I had no idea I could bend and stretch in such bizarre positions.
But I did.
In a room with 20 different sweaty bodies moving up and down into downward dog.

Back to real life.
Sick husband.
More messes.

By 2 p.m. I craved a cup of coffee.
I can not make a pot of coffee to save my life.
Really, I can't.
If you came over, I'd hand you the bag of coffee beans, the grinder, and the coffee pot,
welcome you into my home, and ask you to make a pot.

Today was no exception.
I had grounds in my coffee.
Grounds bubbling over.
Grounds pouring over my newly painted white cabinets.
Perhaps I should now "antique" them all a bit?
Grounds in the french bread that was rising.
I'm not joking.
All this for 4 cups of de-caf coffee.

30 minutes later,
I tried again.
I did it.

Just one piece of a bean in my coffee.

I'm thinking of starting a coffee delivery service.
I could make the cups look pretty.
I just wouldn't make the coffee.

By 4 p.m. we learned plastic in the oven isn't a good thing when it's heated at 400 degrees.
Why was there plastic in the oven?
Don't ask.
There was.
It smelled.
Smoke everywhere.
More messes to clean.
French bread to bake for dinner...with a few coffee grounds.

Band concert to attend.
Gym floor filled with nine bands.
NINE bands.
One sleeping child sweating on my lap.
A fire alarm at the end of the concert helped clear the building quickly.


Life of a mom, in three words.
Tomorrow's a new day.
Thank goodness for that.


  1. Julie--What a wonderful poetic rendering of a mom's day! I can't make coffee either--I make hubby do it ( I do make lattes with my little latte machine, except teenage son is better at that too), My hubby is sick today also so I bought a coffee. My chicken pot pie overflowed in the oven and burned (better than plastic though). Off to bed so we can do it all again tomorrow my bloggin' sister!

  2. Oh Julie, I just smiled all the way through while reading this post. Such a messy day, so poetically described. I love coffee so much I wouldn't mind eating that bread, but nine, I can't do that. Amazing post!

  3. What a great post! First, I am so proud of you for getting your 2 workouts in early! Second, I like that you brewed a second pot. Third, I do not like the smell of stuff melting in the oven, esp. plastic-yuck! Fourth, I am at a loss on 9 bands-really? That is insanity! Loved your post & your awesome attitude. I am so enjoying your lovely blog. Keep up the great work:) p.s. If we lived near each other, I would have you over coffee. Funny how people don't do that anymore!

  4. Becky I've never found another who can't make coffee. Cheers!

    9 bands...all-city band concert...2 5th grade, 3 middle school, 4 High School bands of different kinds. Awesome concert, exhausting to sit through, even though they each only play 1 song. They have to move the percussion around. It's insane.

    You are all welcome for coffee....I could buy a box at Caribou! :)

    So I admit I was a slacker and didn't get up until 6:15 and missed my class. Did wake up to skunk smell in the backyard, so I walked the dogs. I'll do it later...after a meeting at church, a dental cleaning, kindergarten pick-up, D.A.R.E. graduation, elementary school pick=up, Library class, drive to clowning, drive to pick up Mark at train, drive car load of adolescent boys to youth group. Somewhere in there I'll shower and make dinner and clean. THEN I can work out and watch American Idol and the Biggest Loser...if I don't collapse first! :)

  5. Welcome to my world! I feel for ya though. Especially with the coffee part. Almost brought tears to my eyes. A day without coffee? Banish the thought! I don't know if I could function. You need to leave the sick hubby with the kids for a minute or two and run up to Starbucks to get you a grande Chai Tea with half half and half and half skim milk. Best cure for a bad day.

    Here is hoping that today will be better!

  6. Hey there Julie- Hope today is a little more peaceful.

    Have you ever tried a French Press for your coffee? Grounds in the bottom, hot water, let it steep, & press. It's great for a small amount and won't overflow.

    Love, Victoria

  7. SWeet Julie, your post is so funny. I so love coming over to your lovely blog, all this recognition!! I LOVE reading each and every post. Enjoy your day's! xoxoxo

  8. Julie...this is why you are my best friend. (Hope you don't mind me assigning you the title.) You put it all (all of what we as mommys do) into sheer poetry so perfectly. We cram so much into a little 24 hr is amazing..and I LOVE reading your perspective. So refreshing and revitalizing.

    Maybe it is the fumes from the master bedroom (1 painted wall down) -- but I can't help but smiling and relishing in the fact that there is another mom..another woman out there -- that is just like me.