Friday, March 5, 2010

Fit for a Princess

Linnea's of my favorite corners of our home. A former closet was repurposed with drawers and a platform for the mattress. When Sofi and Izzy arrived we knew we needed a quick, inexpensive, special solution...and this is what my sister helped us come up with. I added the curtains, teacups, and part of our old dining room chandelier. Once inside, it is a little nook, with a bookshelf on the left, and a window on the right. Mark added decorative molding, and it is truly a special spot fit for a princess. It is also a wonderful escape from her two little sisters!

Years ago, Dad took down a wall to reconfigure the bedrooms and add a masterbath. Our home went from 4 bedrooms to 3. This left a flooring issue that was covered with wall to wall carpet. I ripped the carpet out, and Mark refinished the floors a year ago. The girls and I had fun making a little patchwork across the room. They added their names on the paper, and Mark sealed the floors right over it. It's quirky and fun, and I love it.

A little Window makeover for the walls....

Happy Friday!


  1. So cute--that little patchwork strip is precious!

  2. I absolutely love the bed! How precious!

  3. I just aquired 9 old vintage pane windows off a remodel job and looking for my own inspiration to as what I will do with them any ideas out there.

    Hmmm! is there a chance I will come up with something that has not already ben done.

    Love what you have done with your old window...Keep inspiring :)


  4. Is this a bed? Wow, how adorable!! Linnea;s own little piece of heaven... and that's the way it should be for our precious little babies!
    Have a most enjoyable weekend, Julie

  5. Okay, now this is just too adorable. Will you adopt me? My room's in need of a re-do!

  6. What a cozy little nook to dream the day away! I love the personal touches in your home. It completely reflects your soul and the roots of your family. As inspiring. :)


  7. wow i love that little nook!! what a sweet adorable little space. the chandelier and curtains make it soooo cute. loving it. :)

  8. wow! very adorable space you created.. really love the curtains!(:the window make over too is so neat!

  9. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the princess nook! :)

  10. That bed area is fabulous! I would have loved to have that as a child! What am I saying? I would love to have that now!! The refinished floors look amazing. The addition of the personalized patchwork is clever!