Monday, March 15, 2010

Come On In!

The door to my Art Studio is now open,
so come on in and play!

Check back in the archives to see what a mess this room was...
It's taken 3 weeks, to declutter, clean, organize, and paint,
and I am so happy with the transformation!

Think my neighbor will want their door back?
It's amazing what a little chalkboard paint and burlap can do...

Pages from an old hymnal...

Photos by Trish nestled in our family friend's toolbox,
plenty of room for my neighbor's hydrangeas
and some of my favorite tools....

Another door and window rescued from the curb,
nestled in around Grandma Izzy's sleeper sofa.

Counter and cabinets from Menards,
purchased years ago and sporting new knobs and finally a paint job.

The biggest change to the room, aside from being decluttered,
is the floor.

Thank you to my dear husband for this surprise!
It was a quick install of laminate, and was a huge transformation....
love the wide plank rustic pine.

I'm fighting a horrible cold, and am going to plop down on the couch now.

Stop by for some more pics tomorrow!


  1. Thanks Donje! Since you saw it at it's worst, you know how huge of a deal this is! We rotated everything....which made a HUGE difference!

  2. Looks great! I bet it's a fun space to work in.


  3. Cozy and beautiful! Looking forward to tomorrow. Get well soon, sweet Julie! xo

  4. Looks great so far. Can't wait to see more pictures! Feel better!

  5. Hi Julie,
    Your room looks great. I love the little blackboards and that you have a few bulletin boards - really handy! Mine is getting there but a bit fiddly so I'm taking my time so I don't mess it up - I'm often really impatient and rush ahead! I love how organised your craft supplies are too - you put mine to shame!

  6. Julie~

    THE ROOM IS SCRUMPTIOUS!!! I am trying to figure out how I can build another room on my house just to do this! I am in love....simply perfect!


  7. Julie- great job! I love your style!! Feel better soon and thank you for your kind comments on my blog!! I wish you could come for wine too!

  8. Two thumbs up for the hubby for putting in that floor! It's gorgeous!! The whole room has such special touches!! :)

  9. Get better soon! Love the room! So gorgeous and creative! Great job! ~lulu

  10. looks wonderful you did a great job!your husband also did a great job on the floor.. hope your feeling better..(:

  11. that turned out amazing! LOVE what you did with the door!

  12. Hi julie, your room looks great!! I love the blackboard....Kathy

  13. Hi Julie,
    Just found your blog & loving every picture! What a gorgeous studio you've put together! Love all the doors and windows! Now I'm off to browse around....hope your cold feels better!


  14. Thanks for the invite--it is also so warm and wonderful. Thanks for linking up Julie!

  15. Everything looks great! I love old doors and windows... and yours look fabulous! I bet you love spending time in your new studio!

  16. This is wonderful I love it!!! My "artroom" is the playroom for the boys right now...Someday right?

  17. Your room looks great. Love your old door and window. Will look forward to checking out more of your posts.