Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Don't Try This At Home

My kids love after school snack time,
and I haven't come close to topping this one.

If you've been reading this for awhile,
you've learned that I'm a little quirky...
and I'm sure my children will remember me that way.

Hopefully they'll remember my sense of humor
and that I like to have a little fun....

and the time I let them stand on stools
and roast marshmallows
on a cold yucky day...

...and we didn't even burn the house down.

This chandelier has moved down to the art room,
so now I can paint and create to my heart's content,
and maybe even have a s'more.

Or maybe not, since I'm trying my hardest to stay away from
that white substance resembling crack,
....called sugar.


  1. That is the funnest thing I ever saw! Gotta remember to use candles for s'mores. Great idea!

  2. Oh, what a cute idea! I bet the kids loved it! What a great way to spend a gloomy day.

  3. way to go Julie...Your kids will most definetly remember a fun mom!! great idea!!

  4. I want to be like you when I grow up! How amazing are you as a mom? I love it!! I am sure they will ALWAYS remember roasting marshmellows now...what a memory to create.


  5. LOVE!!!

    ps- Just call me your newest follower. ;)

  6. Thats wounderful!! they will never foget that!!you're the coolest mom!!

  7. Making memories is what it's all about and you are ceratinly doing that! What a fantastic idea.

  8. You are brave....and you're kids will never forget this experiment! We've done this using the gas burners and I'm not sure that' a much better alternative. But I love the blog and think I just may have to follow!


  9. How fun! They will always remember this. You are officially the coolest mom! ;-)