Thursday, March 11, 2010

Puddle Jumping

Time for the boots to come out again...
Mud, puddles, and rain are here to stay for awhile.

I know this isn't the prettiest boot.
It's muddy looking.
It's worn.
There's a ginormous (that's my word) hole in the front
....but I don't care.

I'll put it on the back of the powder room toilet,
and add some flowers from Trader Joe's,
just like I do every Spring.

The boot belongs to my little boy.
He had two pairs of these,
and wore them year round for two years.

They always made me smile,
and he was happy wearing them...
even on a hot sweaty day when he was 4,
scootering around our court.

My little boy doesn't wear bumble bee boots anymore.
He's 12..
He wears a size 11 shoe.
He is now taller than me...

Maybe it's time for this mom to get her own puddle jumping boots,
and wear them all Spring,
and not give a rip what anyone else thinks.

Polka dots?
What do you think?
Do you have a pair?

They don't have bumble bee ones for me at Target,
or else I'd buy myself a pair.


  1. oh yes I have a pair! Had them for years...they're striped. Don't you love Trader joes?? Love the pictures!

  2. I have a pic of him in those boots and Drew in his frogs!

  3. What a great idea! It is now hopefully time to put away the rain boots until summer. We've been drenched here unlike any year I've lived here.
    Time for some sandals! Yay!

  4. I want hot pink ones! Ones that I can clomp around in the mud getting the beds ready for spring. Something that even if I am not in the mood, their bright cheeriness will put me in it! My son is 11 and just the other day I asked him when he was going to get rid of the rubber boots. His are just plain blue, but oh so ugly! You should tuck a little pic of your scooter loving, bumble bee boot wearing guy in with the flowers. I think the holes just show how loved they are.

  5. They are the sweetest boots I have ever seen! Any my son wore fireman boots like that year round for years. And years! I kept his old pair, just like you did. I wish I could go back to those times... My oldest son is now taller than me, just this week!

    Good luck with finding a pair of boots for yourself. I do think you should wear them like your son did. You go girl!

  6. awww, we have the frogs too! So cute you put it out on display...I need to find ours and do something cute! :)

  7. I am so glad I saw this post. My daughter & son have each outgrown a pair of rain boots - green frogs & pink polka dots. Like you I never wanted to get rid of something that was so sweet. I sat them aside, but somehow I now can only find one of each. I am afraid that the mates to each of them must have gotten donated. They sit in my garage and I have never known what to do with thank you for a wonderful idea!

    Yes, you do need a pair yourself! I got them for an outdoor concert that had forcasted rain, but they have turned out to be great for rain & snow. Mine are leopard print cowboy wellies. Pretty festive!

  8. Thurgood has Transformer boots that HE picked out (I wanted him to pick the frogs...oh well). I picked out the black ones with brightly colored polka dots (you have probably seen them at Tarjay). Love them! And they look so cute with my jeans tucked in a white polo and the hot pink rain coat M bought me FOREVER ago. Listen to if I am a fashionista. Best of luck in the hunt. :)


  9. Love those petite rain boots. They make a pretty view in the hallway... We have blue ones, red, pink and purple....
    Have a wonderful weekend, Julie! xo
    Come over to my site i have something waiting for you..... =)

  10. Just found your lovely blog through sweet saskia....thought I would pop over and say glad I did. Your blog is lovely! Oh I do love rainboots..and today I really need to get mine out..but I am thinking I would love a pair of bumblebees. Your idea is adorable..those tulips never looked so sweet. xoxo

  11. very cute!! trader joe's is the best!! they always have great flowers at a great price.. you picked perfect ones for that idea... so creative you are.. have a great weekend!!

  12. So cute:) I have black and white polka dot ones from Target. They have hot pink on the inside. Makes me a little excited. It's about that time.

  13. I have a cute pair with multicolored stripes. Yes you need some, silly girl! Size 11 @ 12? Maybe you should save your money for your son's shoe fund!?!