Sunday, September 26, 2010

Welcome Fall

Finally you are here....

Loving cooler days,
mosquito free gardening,
tall boots and sweaters.

Please stay for a long time....


  1. Your autumn colours are pretty. We have just welcomed spring, and we are looking forward to summer and summer holidays by the beach. Have a lovely day. :)

  2. So so happy it is Fall too!!
    We worked on decorating this weekend as well.
    If that girls had their way, the pumpkins would have been out in August!!:0
    Enjoy the day

  3. Fall is my favorite. Your decorations are lovely.

  4. Awww... how warm and inviting... I am sooo glad to hear that fall is on it's way... she hasn't shown her face down here in Florida yet... but I know she is on her way!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog... I know our Mothers would be proud of the Mom's we have turned out to be... :) xoxo - Kim

  5. I love your red door. I've been wanting to paint my boring white one for awhile, but I can't commit to a colour. Pumpkins already, I can't beleive summer is already a memory. But with those decorations its not so bad.
    Looks great.

  6. i couldn't agree more........except we're stuck in record-breaking temperatures.....sigh......But I'm loving your fabulous photos!!

    Welcome, fall!!


  7. I love this post - so I copied it! :) Thanks for the great inspiration!

  8. I love fall, too. I have pumpkins in my window boxes, too. Love that look. I threw all the old pumpkins in my in-laws' backyard last year and they all came up like crazy. I had 15-20 for my boxes. =)

  9. I need to decorate my front doorstep! Yours looks so pretty! I just wish it would start feeling like fall here!

  10. Yay for Fall! You're decor is beautiful!

  11. I am loving the colors! so lovely. Julie I don't know what your week looks like but I have thursdays of if you want to go thrifting sometime : ) Hope you guys are well!

  12. Your fall decor is ever so pleasant...from the scrabble tiles to the bright pumpkins to the have welcomed fall so perfectly.


  13. The weather has been beautiful, love your fall touches.
    Have a great week!

  14. Hi Julie, I love fall too. All the coziness, the fresh and crisp air, golden sunlight, falling leaves, and yes, tall boots. Fabulous. Hugs, darling.