Monday, September 13, 2010


I can't make coffee....I try.
Almost every other day.
I always miss a step.
I'm always thinking about something else.
Tomorrow, I'm really going to try and make a decent pot of coffee.
Any tips?


  1. you too funny! wishing you a good cup tomorrow.

  2. Wish I could help...not a coffee drinker!!:)
    But it always looks and smells so yummy!!
    Enjoy the day

  3. Well, last week I made a pot and forgot to put the carafe in. So I may not be the best person to ask.

  4. I'mcompletely the same! I only like coffee when I'm pregnant (bizarre, I know!).

    No tips from me.....but you can know you're not alone in your coffee condundrum. ;-)

  5. Julie - I'm terrible at making a pot of coffee! But, I do well with a single pot filter.

    It's hard to mess up. Heat your water. Put a spoonful of grounds in the bottom part of the brewer (which is sitting on your mug). Fit the second part of the brewer back on. Pour in water. Drink.

    It's easy. Promise.

    (I'm sure you can find one for cheaper or find something similar that works - I just linked to the one I happen to own.)

  6. Hi Julie! How about a Keurig or a Senseo? They both use little coffee pods to make one cup at a time. Maxwell House and Folgers both make coffee "singles"- they look like tea bags.

    Or you could come to my house and I'll make the coffee:)

  7. So glad to know I'm not alone. I'm seriously a space.
    I'm going to investigate these 3 options. They all look good. All I need is a cup...and Mark never drinks any. I'd be happy to not have a huge pot on the counter. I either forget the filter, forget the lock button on the pot, or forget the water, or don't have it plugged in, or don't have the filter holder pushed in. It's truly pathetic.
    Victoria if you could come to my house to make the coffee I'd be one happy camper, pun intended. MISS YOU! I was just thinking I needed a roadtrip to Nebraska. Wish you were in Green Bay still!

  8. Yes! Coffee singles sound like a good idea. I've finally gotten to where I know just the amount of coffee and water to put in....then when my husband makes it for tastes a little stronger.
    Better luck tomorrow!
    Love the running photos. Pretty!
    Happy late birthday too!

  9. new to your blog!!! i can't say enough about my Keurig....i am not a morning person, i need my coffee before i can even make eye contact with anyone...even pours it into a mug...super easy and it makes tea too!!!

  10. Off to explore the Keurig option some more. Welcome here Jess! Tea too? I may be shopping for one today. One always needs an excuse to run to Target?! :)

  11. soooooo not alone - I only make a great cup of coffee because of the Keurig. OMG so good. so SIMPLE! Target or Bed Bath & Beyond have them! xoxoxo