Thursday, September 9, 2010

Morning Runs

...alone on the pathalways make me feel better....

Ok, not quite alone....

Pictures are taken on my iphone,
running to "I Gotta Feeling" radio station on Pandora,
and using imapmyrun app to track my route and pace.
Gotta love technology! :)

Great start to the day.
Enjoy yours,


  1. Oh, I hope your day gets better and your little one is feeling better! I so know what you mean. I love to see a movie by myself but I think I've only done that once in my life. Oh say about 11 years ago to be exact. I hope you get to see the movie. I'd love to go see it with you!

    Happy Birthday again, hope you got my FB message!

  2. That song will get ya going. Beautiful view you got to run with:) Great pics too. Can't believe that's with your!

  3. Oh a morning run sounds divine!
    Time alone, great music, oh and of course the exercise! I have got to get back on my treadmill next week.:)
    Enjoy the day

  4. Hmm - what time do you have to be up to run and be home in time to get kiddies handed over to you?

  5. I dont think with the nest will in the world I could tear myself from my bed that early - my little one isnt quite sleeping through yet and I feel like I havent had a decent nights sleep for years! Maybe when they grow? x

  6. so pretty! and i've been looking for a new pandora station to run to. i'll check that one out :)