Thursday, September 23, 2010

Double Trouble

Since they were this little,

These two have been getting into trouble.
Sometimes alone,

But often together.
There was the day they toddled out of the house and out of the court.
They were Fourteen and fifteen months old.
I was a wreck.
Thank goodness for bright red clothes that day...

Most of the time these days they are just silly,

and pretty cute too.
Yesterday they decided they'd be "sick" together.
Turns out if you put hot water on each other's temples,
and hold it there for a bit with a washcloth,
You do look a little feverish.
But the thermometer and mommy knew the truth.
They couldn't believe their little trick didn't work!



  1. They are smart little stinkers! But when you're that adorable, I suppose you can get away with it...;)

  2. They are so very sweet! How did you get the OK to adopt with another child so close in age? we have been looking and all the agencies/countries say the youngest child in the family must be 2, which I dont really get?

    SO preacious!


  3. They are both adorable and what smarties to try that oldie but goodie fever trick! Too cute!

  4. Oh my goodness I love this story for so many reasons...
    I love sisterly bonding and love.
    I love that they get in trouble together...better then apart!
    I love that they wanted to be home sick together
    I love their creative efforts, don't ya just have to applaud those moments as moms
    And I especially love that you didn't fall for it!!
    What a great memory...
    Enjoy the day

  5. You've got such a sweet little blog and a sweet little family. It all looks so....lovely and fun and tiring! :)