Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Gotcha Day Izzy!

Six years ago,
in a civil affairs office in Chongqing, China,
you were placed in our arms.

From the first day in our hotel,
you filled our hearts with joy...

Look at those smiles on your siblings faces....
from the first meeting at the airport right here,
they were soooo happy to have you home!

Thank you for filling our lives with joy,
and sharing your zest for life with so many people.
We treasure your "Izzyisms"
and love watching you care for others and put a smile on even the face of strangers.

You are an amazing gift from above,
and we love you so very much.

Today we celebrate YOU!
Chinese food tonight baby! :)

-Your Mom


  1. Oh my...those pictures of you seeing her! I felt such a mother's surge of love with that image. You amaze me...and your wealth of love for your children is inspiring.


  2. my heart melted when I saw those pictures of you at the airport...what a lovely family you have.

  3. Thats AMAZING! Im so so keen to adopt! How did I not know you'd adopted!?? She is BEAUTIFUL and I can see she is such a blessing xxx

  4. Your post bought a tear to my eye.

    Really, really lovely.