Friday, September 3, 2010

Update from Yesterday's Post

More tears yesterday.
More tears last night.
More tears this morning.

No tears walking to school.
No tears lining up.

I even caught a giggle with a friend.

Today is a new day.
I felt better yesterday after making this.

Just a little painting,
Sofi loves butterflies, and backpacking,
so I set a heart in her desk with butterfly wings.

a little modge podge,
an old 1800's hymn thrown in with some sweet words,

a little piece of an old measuring tape,
and oddly enough,
I felt better.

Thank goodness for the creative process.


  1. Glad you're doing a little better.
    I have to say that I wanted to major in art at college, but I have a linear disability, for lack of a better term--can't even draw a straight line.
    So I graduated in art history, next best thing, I suppose. But I envy anyone who can create. Truly.
    I'm impressed.
    Guess I'm off to organize another closet--close as I can come to creating anything!

  2. Yeah for you!
    Creative therapy = very clever.
    Here's to a better time of it next week.
    x Felicity

  3. That is really beautiful!!
    Glad it brought you some peace.
    I always feel better after I clean or organize something. I guess thats as good a form of therapy as any!!:)
    Enjoy the ngith

  4. Oh you sweet girl...:( I know it is hard when they start growing up...I am still My oldest (college age) went on a trip this weekend...I have been crying and trying to gather myself because I want to be able to let go and let him be like that butterfly you created...I love love love the art work...Do you still your creations? They are wonderfully creative! Hugs, Meme

  5. Oh you do get it! Here we are walking the same path. Looks like you are finally on the other side. Love your creative side coming through. I made a song bird today. He's singing "you are blessed". I think God is trying to tell me something:)

  6. Just getting caught up here on your precious girls. I can't imagine the heart-break on your end! It WILL pass. Soon enough, she'll be racing off without a look over her shoulder!

    Your art is just perfect. Love the hymn.