Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Doggy Dates

With everyone in school and Mark at work,
I'm left with two active dogs.
Meet Madison.
Chocolate Lab,
age 4,
crazy about tennis balls.
Loves to ride in the car with me.

Especially when I bring her here.
The dog park.
Three miles from home, and we're in the country.
Hike a bit.
Enter the dog park.
Bliss for Madison.

Bliss for me.
Camera bag.
Pandora station set on "Lenka" on the iphone.
A pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.
Book to read.

The only problem?
The weasel likes to come along too.
Meet Dakota, or Cody.
No, she's not a weasel, she's a Brittany Spaniel.
Age 3.
The breed I vowed I'd never let into our home again.
But in a weak moment in the middle of South Dakota,
I found myself looking at a litter of Brittany pups.
She came home with us.

Our last Brittany was nuts too.
She ate my tangle-free diamond necklace.
It was in a box, inside of my jewelry box.
The chain lived up to its motto...
and came out tangle-free.
I didn't look for it.
Mark did.
Funny, I don't wear that necklace very often.
Even 16 or so years later.

Back to Cody.
I'm forever losing her in the tall grass.
Might not be a bad idea....

I think we'll keep heading to the dog park.
It wears her out.


  1. Glad to see you finally got your coffee.
    I wouldn't wear that chain either.

  2. What a wonderful space to play, it seems like you're finding a lovely rhythm to your days now that the kids are in school.
    The pumpkin spice latte is a new one for me...not sure if we have them in Oz...in fact not sure how close my nearest Starbucks is...off to investigate sans hounds.
    x Felicity

  3. I could never take my thing to a dog park. She is actually a pony in a dog costume and has no etiguette. Or grace. I don't even have enough energy to wear her out either! Looks like a great place to go though!

  4. Julie, What dog park do you take them to? I take noah all the way to the ones in Naperville but I would much rather find something a bit closer.

  5. We have a Jack Russell Terrior who has BAGS of energy and walking her only seems to give her more - but she is a great source of a amusement for my toddler and does get us out the house and walking - I'd LOVE a chocolate Lab but hubby does poop duty, he isnt willing to get a bigger dog :) Fair enough!