Friday, February 5, 2010

Who's On Duty?

In our house it's a big deal to lose a tooth. Here is Sofi, wiggling away.

Izzy is contemplating being a dentist, and has already lost two teeth. Here she is giving Sofi some assistance.

A little floss did the trick, and here she is clutching her tooth while calling Papa. Notice she dressed up a bit to talk on the phone? This is a big deal...because Papa knows which tooth fairy is on duty each night. For the first tooth, it's usually Matilda. One never knows quite what the tooth fairy may need, or what the tooth fairy will do while she visits. She may string up your room, or put your toys in bed with you, or write a secret message with toothpaste or anything else she can find. Only Papa really knows, and that's pretty cool.

To quote Izzy, "We are lucky because we have a Grandpa who knows the tooth fairy. Here's our board in the kitchen for all of those special quotes.


  1. So cute! I remeber those day and miss them so much! Now my daugter is 16 and just started driving and it is very scarey for me here in Los Angeles with 5 lanes on the fwy and we all need to get on the fwy to get any where in this town Now is when I am turning my faith up! Injoy and hold on to all those beautiful moments.

  2. Darling! my son just got all his teeth! not in any hurry to have any fall out! what a brave girl! ~lulu