Monday, February 22, 2010

Missing Those Days

Today is one of those days when I miss the kids being little...

Five years ago the girls looked like this.

So sweet.

So innocent.


Maybe not so innocent?

This was taken a day later.

I know, I should have put Sofi's clothes on...

or tended to Linnea's bump...

or taken Izzy off of the table.

But I grabbed my camera....

and five years later,

I'm glad that I did.

Maybe I don't miss the chaos of life 5 years ago?

Who am I kidding?

It's still chaos.

And I love it that way.


* looked like it was a day later in my iphoto wasn' was almost a year later...whoops..mommy brain!


  1. First of all I love your girls' names! And yes, we must love the chaos right?? I'm finding I'm grabbing my camera constantly these days!!

  2. Candid pics like those are the best! I love your girl's names too. I have 3 girlies too. . . girls are such a joy to have. =)

  3. What a beautiful picture!!! I keep wanting Thurgood to either be older or younger (right now I am in the younger phase..I miss my baby boy). Just know that living in the chaos is part of loving life. Glad I am not the only one who smiles amid all the crazy that oozes with parenthood. :)


  4. That picture is the best! I bet you are glad you grabbed your camera!

  5. hahaha! that second picture is so great!
    thanks for coming to visit my blog, too!

  6. Love it such a great post. I feel the same way sometimes! so innocent ~lulu

  7. It's the memories of those early years that keeps that faith and love burning in those teenage years.I miss those little years when it was so easy to make everything O.K. When the world tilted, I put it back on its core. Your daughters are going to want to kill you in about 5 years though. It's amazing how possessive of their image they become. When my oldest son married and I created the rehearsal dinner picture-video, I was strictly admonished to not include any tub pictures.

    You might enjoy my "Six Mom Stages of Raising Sons"

  8. I love these pictures, because it really changes that fast! Calm then craziness! Your girls are beautiful!

  9. I have many pictures like this! I love the craziness of little ones!