Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sugar Anyone?

Since I'm cutting back on sugar, I thought I'd have fun decorating with it.


  1. Wow, I admire your self-discipline : ) very cute/ cool ideas !

  2. Um. You are the coolest. Way to go on the will power!!! :)

  3. How about I take all your sugar and add it to mine? I say this as I drink my sweet tea (poor pacreatic cells...they don't have a chance in the south). Love your use of sugar. I can only imagine walking in and seeing Mr. B AND Thurgood dipping their fingers in for a nibble.

    Med Chem is over...now Therapeutics Friday..is it wrong that I am bribing myself to stay focused? I can't wait to show you my indulgence after the exam. :)


  4. Your blog is so warm...:) I love it...You look like Nicole Kiddman...Have you ever heard that? Simply beautiful...:)

  5. Plus...I love the story of how you met your hubby...So stinkin cute! I met my husband while he was remodeling a department store...He had a tool belt on (so cute...He looked like Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise)...I was on my way to a modeling shot...It was love at first site...I was 15...