Saturday, February 20, 2010

Little Things Make Me Happy

I've come up from the depths of the art room reorganization to check on my sick dh, hug a tired little girl who crashed doing a somersault off of her bottom bunk (not who you think! :), and clean up a dog mess.
Stopped in to check blogland for a few minutes of bliss, and was delighted to see I've been nominated by Beauty in the Attempt for my first blog award. What an honor! Check out her sweet little world , as she studies away and creates a beautiful home too. I'm happy to pause for a moment and think about 10 things that make me no particular order. I'm thankful for a moment to peruse old photos and share them with you!

1. Taking time to relax with friends and family after a long busy day.
2. Boots, skirts, and fun tights in happy colors on a gloomy Winter day. So far my kids aren't embarrassed to be seen with me....
3. Eating healthy fresh foods.

4. Reading a great book to my kids. I could have majored in Children's Literature, but it wasn't an option....did the Elementary Education and English Lit. major instead.
5. Singing very loud to my happy music.
6. Gardening and playing in the yard.
7. Baking with my kids....usually something not too healthy.
8. A good cup of coffee or tea.
9. A walk or run near any body of water...
10. Making something.

Passing on this sweet happy award to 10 other bloggers, who may have received this honor before. Pay them a visit and enjoy a few more minutes of happy blogging bliss....

Happy Weekend. Off to the depths to continue my organizational nightmare!


  1. Just found your sweet blog via DreamyWhites...I'm also a newbie blogger and mom of 4 with a husband that works LONG hours! Love your blog!

  2. i do believe it's in the little things that we find joy! i can relate to many :) have a great weekend! susan

  3. wow, love your quiet lil corner!!!~ Such a great space! Did I see your childrens pics framed out back? How awesome! Your blog is really creative, great job!! x o x o LA

  4. Congratulations! You have a very happy place here! Love your happy list.
    Last day of sugar....

  5. I love your list. I am with you all the way! Congrats on the award!

  6. You will be such a happy girl when all of your work is done. Hang in there!
    xo Susie~

  7. It seems like lots of things that make you happy include your family Julie. Just shows what's important in life huh.
    Thanks so much for the blog nomination. It is received gratefully and has made my day.

  8. Hi Julie- Thanks for visiting my blog. I just love re-purposing things, too. I think it has become my favorite thing to do. I am also in the middle of reorganizing my studioffice. I just seem to be making more piles. Hopefully I can make some decisions so I can get it done.

  9. Thank you so much Julie--that makes me happy and I am truly honored!

  10. Aww, thanks for the honor!! I enjoy many of those top 10 things as well!!

  11. Thanks Julie, very thoughtful of you to create your list like you did, and I am so pleased you saw fit to include me : )
    Looking forward to staying in contact!

  12. Thank you for your sweet gesture and the honor, dearest Julie! I truly agree, those little things do matter. I LOVE simple & sweet things!!
    Have a wonderful week. Till the very next time!

  13. Hey there Julie! You're such a sweetie for nominating me for this lovely award! :) Thanks so much for visiting my blog- it gives me great happiness to know people appreciate my work! :) By the way, your daughters are adorable!

    Kara from

  14. Thank you for passing the award on I just got it! I haven't had time to read comments and I finally sat down to catch up on your blog.Thank you again for the award..i am getting one together there a time frame on these..lolol ~lulu

  15. Oh Julie, thank you so much! You made my day! Love visiting you!