Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Soffits Are Bare

And I need your advice....
Do they look too bare?
No wallpaper...I've torn miles of that off these walls. (Sorry Dad)
I have barn wood (Thanks Dad)...that I could paint a word or phrase on...
I could stencil again...last time it was Swedish words for baking ingredients.
But I've done that already.
I could hang some white plates.....

I'm thinking the wood Swedish calendar from Grandma Izzy
is looking lost under the stove hood.
Thought of a mirror there or an old platter.
Loving the Anthro spice jars.
This side looks like it needs something.
"EAT" is under the cabinets....the word that is.

This is a rambly choppy post.
Kind of like my week.
The dentist's office called this morning and the hygenist is sick.
I jumped up and down.
Not because she's sick....
but because I have the gift of a morning.

The girls had storybook character day at school.
Meet Daisy-Head Mayzie, Linnea (original huh?), and Snow White.
God Bless Snow White.
Her costume was easy.
Daisy-Head Mayzie was a dot of glue with the glue gun.
Linnea, well, that took some work.
Thank goodness for America Idol.
My sewing machine broke.
My mom's not around anymore to help me with sewing problems...
or any other problems...
and I miss that.
I could have used some serious advice on the smock.
We sewed it by hand from a sheet.
You can't see much of it here...and that's a good thing.
I'm praying the smocking doesn't unravel while she plays at recess....
Off to tutor.


  1. 1. nothing
    2. white plates
    3. black and white pics in white frames? maybe too much
    LOVE your kitchen esp. cupboards.

  2. I tagged you in my blog today, enjoy!

  3. We have a sofit too and painted it to match the cabinets. We added crown molding on top and some molding between cabinet and sofit. The goal was to blend it all together. I will be doing a post about my mini kitchen makeover soon, I know its hard to see without pictures.

  4. white and silver platters and those cabinets!

  5. All of you are inspiring and encouraging me...thank you!! These are the original cabinets...they were dark wood. Dad painted them almond years ago and removed some of the wood on them. When we bought the house I painted them white and switched out the hardware. We'd like to do the butcher block countertops soon. I'm also curious about crown molding. I'm going to see what my favorite thrift store has in the way of platters, plates and pitchers. :)

  6. I LOVE plates these days....but I know you are eyeing something with a little more unique flair. I wish I could come up with something that incorporated your children and art....oh darn all the studying I do for pharmacy. My brain is not great toward the end of the week. I keep playing with the idea of incorporting your children. The window treatment is ever so delicate and intimate...I am thinking the space should compliment that feeling.


  7. What about a piece of punched tin ? Could be plain or painted a bit ? Or a unique / large / antique utensil ? (salad forks, ice tongs, etc.)

    Love your blog Julie!


  8. Hmm, love this look. Your kitchen is a warm, cozy place.. very homy! I also think of plates, a perfect match!
    Have a grand weekend, sweet Julie, xoxo

  9. Hi, Julie!

    I LOVE your cabinet doors! How about collecting some white plates or pitchers, etc... maybe with just a dab of red or yellow here and there. You could also add some black and white photos in black frames... maybe natural baskets for another idea. I also like the idea of the white platter above your stove. Thanks for all your sweet notes that you have left for me on my new blog. I think I'm FINALLY getting the hang of it... It's such a new trick for this old dog! ...great big hug!

  10. I also think plates with pitchers.. Ironstone style!! no matter where you put Ironstone it looks great.. would look great with the barn wood you have{:

  11. I just found your blog and really like it! I think some pitchers would look really nice and/or plates over the cabinets! Or how about a pretty colander?

    :) Kerri

  12. I would buy some frames in different shapes painted bright colors that you want to accent with in this room -- yellows and reds and oranges, for example. then, I would frame some of the great artwork your children did, have done, are doing, whether it be in school assignments or at your kitchen table. these frames can be broken up on your soffit with plates echoing the same accent colors. :)

  13. I have one more year left. Thank you for always taking the time to make my means so very much.


  14. Hey again, I saw this somewhere but forgot where, but you could write cooking words like, whisk, marinate, saute', puree and mix all around. Ok just reread your post and you said you already stenciled before oops, way to read thoroughly! I'll keep thinking of ideas!

  15. Thanks again for all of the great ideas! I'm going to reward myself with a trip to Community Thrift once my painting projects are done!