Friday, February 19, 2010

Ladder Meets Homecoming Dress

Meet the marriage of my old paint splattered ladder and the taffeta polka dot ruffle from my Homecoming dress. I know, it's crazy that I've saved it for 20 years...BUT, I liked the material!
Finally it has a home on my "new" kitchen bulletin board. Mark patiently made the foam board/ cork board backing, and I dug through my fabric looking for some inspiration. I wrapped it around and hot glue gunned it to the back. I had just enough, and love the subtle velvet polka dots scattered behind the pictures. Makes me happy even now while I type.
Before the kitchen paint job, picture frames floated in the holes, and it never quite worked.
Now I can change the pictures easily. Pins are simple ones from my sewing stash.
It's the little things that make me happy. Now back I go to the art room chaos. I'm taking EVERYTHING out. Cleaning, painting, and purging...wish me luck!


  1. I wish you all the best luck! That is my plan for my whole house, one room at a time this year. I am hoping to be done about Thanksgiving time!

    Love your idea though. It looks great!

  2. The addition of the fabric really grounds the pictures. I like it!

    ~ Sarah

  3. great ideal with the ladder... I love it!!

  4. the little so very true!

    What a pleasant place to type away to your heart's content. I love this!

    I am DONE with my exams this week! Woohoo! I must admit though, I am beyond tired. I will need to catch up on my share of fun tomorrow. Oh and my plans of indulged crafting.


  5. Hey Julie, that really works so well. I clicked on the last picture to enlarge it and got a good look at your kids. They are so gorgeous!

  6. Wow, Julie again such a great idea. Looking really good! Wonderful weekend wishes.

  7. love the ladder idea, thanks for the inspiration

  8. What a lovely creative use of a ladder. I can see why this makes you happy.

  9. Love your ladder-- and your Homecoming dress!

    Together, they make a perfect match.
    Happiness for sure!