Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Looking at Pretty Things

My girls love looking at pretty things.
Like watching butterflies
in a beautiful butterfly garden at a local farm.
I love watching them look at pretty things
from behind my camera lense.

I like looking at pretty things too,
and collect way too many of them.
Here's what it looks like when I look at pretty things.

I almost didn't show it to you,
but I'm working on being more transparent.
I pulled EVERYTHING out of the drawers last weekend
...and I mean everything.
I dumped the baskets.
I dumped the pretty containers...
and I've sifted through this pretty little mess.
I have one more pile to sift through today.
It's the one under the table.
Can you see it?
I need to learn how to write on my pics...but I'm not that techy yet.
The adding machine isn't mine.
It's Sofi's.
She asked Santa to bring it for Christmas last year when she was five.
He did.
I've never asked for an adding machine.
I don't want to know how much this pile cost me.
Would you?
Today I'd like to do anything but sift through this pile.
My ADD brain is a few steps ahead.
I'm on to the next room.
The walls and ceilings are painted.
Things are back in order.
My "impractical, fun, cute things" are back on the walls.
The quote is Mark's.
He'll be helping me hang the "impractical, fun, cute things."
Like the door from the neighbors curb.
And the peely paint broken window frames.
And the skis as my new banister rail.
Soon I can create more pretty things.
But for today, I'll be sitting on the floor under this table.
Looking at pretty things.
Filing away.
Containerizing. That's a word isn't it?
Giving away.
And maybe I'll find a few pretty things to pass on, to you
my sweet readers
who have taken the time to read this silly little story...
that I write while procrastinating.
Off I go...
to look at some pretty things.


  1. Julie- your blog has been so much fun to follow! Keep up the organizing- it will be worth it when it's done.

  2. Julie, if you want an easy (free) way to write on your pictures, you can use Picnik. The free version only lets you upload five pictures at a time, and your fonts are a bit limited, but there are a ton of color and effect options. It's how I made the header on my blog. If you don't want to shell out for Photoshop, or try to learn Paint.NET, Picnik is a nice easy way to go.

  3. Thanks Victoria for following along to my crazy little world! You lived with you know my tendencies... :)

    Thanks so much for the suggestion. I'd like to learn Photoshop, but Picnic sounds like a great way to get started. Off to check that out...after I dig a little in my pretty things! Love your little header!

  4. I am in NEED of doing the exact same thing at my house. We have so much stuff...I feel like I am drowning in stuff. But when I separate the "stuff" they become more....they become trinkets that Mr. B gave me oh so while ago, or something Thurgood loved as a baby, or I have a selfish fond memory of the item. Heaven knows I need to organize myself. For now..I will blame pharmacy school for keeping me to busy.


  5. oh wow, does that look eerily familiar! I wish you the very best of luck with that big old pile!! lol

    Think of how pretty it'll be when it's all sorted!! :)

  6. you, I'm not techy and need to get better if I want to stay in the blog world! I like the word..containerizing!

  7. Hi julie, your blog is great!!! I'm still learning everyday with my blog!!I have a hard time with the pictures......Kathy

  8. Julie, you inspire me!
    Don't you wish we could have a day to do our piles together? It would be so much more fun to chat and organize.

    Thanks for the island idea, we already thought of that. Because of two drawers the top would look weird hiding them a bit.
    I wish it would work or that I could just ignore it because it would be a lot easier! and cheaper!
    I have a Mark too.