Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Last Spray

There's only one squirt left in this magic bottle of hairspray.
And I'm using it tomorrow.
Tomorrow's just another day, but every day is a special occasion.

When Grandma Izzy passed away 3 years ago, there were about 5 bottles of this magic spray.
I took 3.
Aunt Barb took the rest.
It's really good.
And it's lasted for over 3 years.
It was the last thing I shopped for on her grocery list.
I still have the list.
I returned with her hairspray, and found a shelf full in her bathroom.
It made me smile.

I'm thankful the two Izzy's in my life met.
None of us share blood, and you know what?
It never mattered.
There was a bond that stretched miles across the ocean.
Someday I'll share more about how these two amazing people came into my life.
One when I was 14.
The other when I was 32.
And my life will never be the same.

Izzy on her baptism day.
She was Ella then.
Last year she chose to go by Izzy.
And Grandma would be really proud.


  1. adore your post!

    how blessed to have two beloved females who share the special name, "Izzy!"

  2. What an endearing story. I am so honored to be here to share moments like these with you. Your family is so lovely..as well as magical all to its own.


  3. So sweet and special. Love the nanas I miss mine so much..Gorgeous little girl! ~lulu

  4. What a sweet post! I don't know if I could use that last squirt though. Both Izzy's are just beautiful!

  5. What a great post Julie! I don't know if I could throw out that can!!

  6. Aww this brought tears to my eyes.So sweet! Thanks for following me!

  7. From Katie---------
    I hope you kept the bottle of spray--I think I would just forever keep it in with my getting ready stuff. You could still spray it even when it's gone and just be reminded of her BEAUTIFUL and WISE presence. The day I read this I had been thinking about Grandma a lot and missing her. Thanks for taking time to capture your heart.