Monday, April 4, 2011

Water Logged

We're back...
I'm not really going to say I miss the water park.
I don't miss the swarms of people.
I don't miss wearing a swimsuit.
I do miss being away with just the 6 of us.
I do miss the jacuzzi in the condo.
I do miss time to just be.
I do miss the people-watching.
It doesn't get much better than at a water park.
Just saying!

This week starts a very busy season,
and it doesn't really slow down until the end of June.
This boy starts track today!
Looking forward to warm days and track meets!


  1. Julie, What a sweet pic of the three of them in the tub! I am not a fan of the water park myself either.
    Our youngest son graduated last year , and he was in track. This year he is going back to coach. He loves it! He was a sprinter.
    Good luck to your son!
    Have a pretty day!

  2. We go away soon! Tried on my bathing suit today...UUGH! Glad you had fun!