Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Suzy Homemaker is A Figment of the Imagination

Clearly she did not have four children,
or two dogs,
or a husband who works 80 hour work weeks.

Clearly she had no life outside of the home.
Clearly she had too much time on her hands....

I'm cleaning today...again.
It's never ending,
and somehow I need to find a way to enjoy it.

But I don't.
Aren't I little merry sunshine?

I haven't seen her lately either.
I need this ground to dry for the annual Easter egg hunt on Saturday.
The clock is ticking, and the yard needs a final clean-up.



  1. I am so glad that I don't do Easter at our house. My SIL does all that. I just do a brunch for my tribe before dinner. They are used to a messy house. I do agree with you about Suzy though. I think she is institutionalized in a very nice psych ward somewhere. I know I would be.

  2. Cleaning sure is never ending isn't it? I'm always happiest with the house the 10 min before the girls get home while Aubrey is still napping. Fleeting...but clean!
    Have a happy night

    crazy weather tonight huh?

  3. I LOVE cleaning!!! It relaxes me and I feel happy with my house all in order:O) And i have 3 grown boys who are pretty good at keeping areas not to messy:O) Send the rain here we soooo need it in Texas:O) Have a great evening:O)

  4. Join me in my experiment to prove that dust actually acts as a protective covering to preserve furniture! You just have to train the kids not to draw in the dust . . .

  5. This is adorable and I love your "blah"!! I know "blah" very well and we visit far too often! I don't have time to clean the house I am tearing up so it sits messy with hammers, paint, chainsaws and dishes and laundry done once a week! The most important thing is to have at least one coffee cup clean!!

  6. We have been having crappy weather so I have been feeling the blahs too! I sure hope your weather dried for the Egg Hunt! I clean everyday and some days I go on strike. I figure if no one else cares then I'm not going to care every day.

    Hope your Easter was relaxing and no cleaning!


  7. Ha, fun post, I just found your blog via your email and glad I did! I, strangely?, enjoy cleaning. Mindless, time to let my mind wander and think...crazy? Janell

  8. I wish I could enjoy cleaning. :) I like the end result...but it never stays that way!! My version of cleaning is decorating or adding a flower to a vase. :)