Friday, April 8, 2011

More Ideas Please!

So, this little pic yesterday was a teaser,

We pulled the two skylights out of the addition.
I'm still getting used to the void.

Isn't it pretty?
Hmmm...not so much.
I tried to take some pics right now,
but the paparazzi is staring through the windows. :)
There are five guys working at each of the windows...
can you say awkward?
They've been wonderful,
but I can't walk through the house naked like I usually do.

Just checking to see if you're still reading.
That was a joke!

My mind is going a bajillion ways as usual.
I've been thinking about installing a wood ceiling.
The room is rustic...
There's the vermont casting fireplace,

and Dad's old canoe...
See Cody?
She's done remarkably well this week given all the noise and commotion.

Those two things are nonnegotiable.
The rest?
Completely up for grabs.

These are pics in its current state.
My girls love playing teacher.
I wish I coul show you more, but it's too awkward to be in there...

So...wood ceiling or drywalled ceiling?
Leather couch or white slip-covered couch?
Not all of this is happening tomorrow...
I'm just dreaming a bit,
trying to come up with a plan...
Looking forward to more of your two cents!


  1. Wood ceiling. A rustic knotty pine plank. Would go great with the rafter beams already in the room and all the wood trim. Leather couch and everything else in the room lighter colors. I just love to dream like that too!

  2. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog!!

    Dreaming is almost as much fun as doing! A wood ceiling would look amazing!!

  3. Read your story on Cresendoh and decided to visit:O) What a Lovely Blog:O) And a Wood ceiling would look great!!!:O) Have a great day:O0

  4. wood ceiling and white slipcovered couch. LOVE. :)