Thursday, April 28, 2011

I think I need one of these....

photo Elle Decor

In here...
Wouldn't it be fabulous?
Why or why didn't I think of this?
This truly is a revelation.
Now to find an old rowboat...
Any in the barn Dad?
I'm hitting Craigslist and Freecycle right now.
Much more critical than dealing with housecleaning. :)

Anyone else finding that April is insanely busy?
Our schedule is nuts.
I hate it.
I love that the kids are in activities they love...but it's nuts.

I'm dying for our big get-away at the end of June.
An adults only wedding, on Mackinac island, for a special cousin.
Two nights in a small B&B away from it all...
Mark and I haven't had a vacation together since our trip to China to bring home Izzy.
We had two nights in Hong Kong, and one or two nights in Chongqing without kids.
That will be 7 years in September.
I think we are overdue.

Thank goodness for something to look forward to...
Off to search for my boat while playing a little Lyle Lovett...


  1. Good luck with your boat hunting!

  2. Wishing you smooth sailing, Julie!

  3. I have wanted to go to Mackinac Island since I saw "Somewhere In Time" years looks so charming.

    The boat idea scares me, wouldn't you wonder if it would fall and crush you?

  4. Did you get one?? This is so you! And I hardly even know you!! I love it!

  5. It is so me Pam. :) I haven't found one...yet. I'm not giving up hope! Megan- Mark has hung so many crazy things up in this house that I'm not scared. :)

  6. haha, that would be fabulous. i'm dying for a getaway too.

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