Thursday, April 7, 2011

Please Give Your Two Cents!

This old house,
is getting a makeover this week,
and I need your!

What a week it has been around the Johnson house.
The dumpster and semi pulled up Monday morning.
Our roof was ripped off and redone in nearly a day.
The house was rewrapped and the siding is in progress.

This is a horrible pic, but the best I can do right now.
The workers are around every corner of the house working on the siding.
The new roof is called "driftwood."
The siding is "stone mountain clay."

Caution tape is everywhere.
We chose "dover white" for the corners.

A quick view off of the's as far as I could get.

Here's where I need your help.
The shutters need to go back up...and we're thinking black.
It's so boring.
So typical.
The door right now is this flaming red.

I don't think this shade of red is going to work anymore.
I could tone it down.
Everyone has a tan house, white trim, black shutters, and dark red door, right?
I like the look, I really do.
Should we go that route, or do you have another idea?
Here's the old pic again...

I'm off to look at doors,
light fixtures,
and a new mailbox.
Here's a pic to get you back tomorrow.

Did I say it's been a long week?
Did I tell you I hauled 630 pounds of siding to the recycling center?
Did I tell you I nearly got attacked by a stray dog?
Did I tell you I hate making decisions that last for a long time?

Come back tomorrow for more two cents about the pic above....

Running out of time,


  1. i love tan and black houses- i think they are great!!! and i think you could also paint the door black. i also saw a home the other day that i made a mental note of because it was tan with a warm yellow/gold trim and it looked cool- it didn't look 70's ugly like it sounds. :) i would take swatches of your siding color with you to the paint store, hold it against black, and just go to town trying out various accent door colors.

  2. I just drove through an area with tan houses, black shutters and white trim. I really did like the black doors! Off to see what my options are!

  3. black door;-)

  4. I agree with black shutters. But a yellow door would be fun too!

  5. Do we put shutters around the door??

  6. No shutters around the door. And, knowing your quirky, adventurous personality--what about an eggplant door? I think I may be just adventurous enough but not too crazy.

  7. I thought about the black door too, but the eggplant...really dark, is very intriguing. Tell Mark I want black if you really want eggplant :)

  8. What about dark brown instead of black?