Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Out the Door Drawer

Is back in business!
What was a drawer filled with junk,
is now functional and pretty.
Give it a week in this house and I'm sure it will be another story...

Take some muffin tins,

little bundt pans,

and GG Lil's vintage Swedish tablecloth,
And you have this....

A place for everything,
and everything in it's place.
These are the "grab quick" items before we head "out the door."
It's situated in the big black island cabinet in the kitchen.
Clips, ponytail holders, combs, brush, chapstick, hand sanitizer, band-aids, etc.
I keep opening it...
Day 3 and it's still all orderly...
and makes me happy.
This is how I clean!


  1. Love that idea! How cute is that? I would be opening it all the time just to oogle over my cleverness! Great job!

  2. Great idea, it's ridiculous how many hair ties and bows I have for 2 girls!