Saturday, April 16, 2011


I have another deadline looming.
Pretty sure I have ADD.
Pretty sure I know what branch of the family it came from.

I need to finish up this baby for a fundraiser at Water Street Studios.
To finish this would mean I'd be surrounded by this mess,

And I'd need to pass by this room,
Which is in some serious need of my attention.

I'd also pass by this unfinished project.
I thought it would be easy.
Famous last words.

Meanwhile, the weasel could use some love and care.
She and I have a love hate relationship.
I think she'd do well to live on a farm in Door County....
If I take her outside,
I'd have to see the unfinished house,

We're getting there...
But we have a ways to go.
We've hired the painter.
We need to hang the mailbox.

We need to make a decision on a door,

and spruce up the swing, and clean up the beds,
But it's raining today.
At least the lights are hung.

The garden is in progress,

and we've decided on a wood ceiling...

So here I sit with my cup of coffee, in a very quiet house.
Have I mentioned recently how much I love my Keurig machine?
I've named it Victoria...after my dear friend who suggested countless times I needed one.
It makes a perfect cup every time.
No mess.
Perfect temperature.
I need to purchase more K-cups. Any favorites??
Off to drink another cup and end the cycle of procrastination.


  1. I would paint that door a deep bright blue. I got the same thing going on here so I can feel your pain. Why is it that nothing can get done on it's own?

  2. I swear, sometimes we live in the same place! I just posted on my blog about my procrastination for blogging of all things!! And pretty much all of CedarBerry looks like your pics in some way or another!! Chin up and let's carry on!

  3. If the weasel comes to Door County, I think I'll move in with you. Fair trade :) Sure glad it was the other side of the family with ADD...

  4. Too funny, my friend!
    The birds are beautiful. How did you get a quiet house on a Saturday?

  5. Glad i am not alone! Geez I guess the weasel will remain at 545. Bummer dad! Bird pic was finished before the flu struck. I haven't been in bed with a fever in years! Girls were all away at sleepiness...quite strange...and anvery quiet house!