Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Linen Closet Reorganization

While Mr. Mark reset the toilet for the third time...
which really was the charm,
I gutted the linen closet.

I took out everything...and dumped it all over the already messy hallway.
I scrubbed the walls and shelves,
then added a coat of fresh paint.
What a difference...used the same "Brook Trout" as in the kid's bath.

I didn't have a budget for this project,
so I shopped the house.
Turns out I had just what we needed....
lots of baskets from Ikea and Michaels,
and little containers from Ikea and the thrift store.

I crawled around the hallway sorting like items and finding a container that fit.
All of the boy's contacts and solution, etc. is in one basket.
All of the little samples I save for camp and travel are in a little container inside another basket.
Being containerized inside of a container has helped.
Little hands are not stirring the basket so to speak.
I'm not grabbing haphazardly in a crazy moment....
since everything has a place.

I purged a ton.
All of the sheets are in the basket and organized by size and bed.
Easy for little bodies to grab and take back to their room.
I have one extra set for each bed...that's all we've ever needed.

I used to have a laundry basket on the bottom for the kids' dirty clothes.
That was a disaster.
Now I have a basket of neatly folded towels.

The kids have a new laundry system, and I'm loving it.
I bought them each a bright colored laundry bag from the dollar store (spent $4 total),
We are repurposing some hooks for them to hang behind their doors.

My neighbor with kids a little older had a brilliant idea.
Each kid has a laundry buddy.
Remember...the kids are almost 13, 11, 6 and 6.
Thursday two kids do laundry together.
Friday the other two kids do laundry together.

They wash, dry, fold and put away....
and the best part?
It's working.
I have less laundry to do...
and they always know where their clothes are.
Plus, they aren't throwing things in that really aren't dirty...

Makes me happy!
Next step...
cute labels and some burlap ties on the baskets....
one step at a time.



  1. That is one organized linen closet! Mine could use a little order, I tend to just throw stuff in there. :)

  2. Your closet looks great, well done! I love the laundry system too. My son has started helping out but I think making him totally responsible for the whole lot once in a while is a great idea! xx

  3. Hi Julie,
    Looks great!
    I love a freshly organized linen closet or closet of any kind for that matter!:)
    We have started a new laundry system in our house too...they are starting by just putting their own things away, hopefully working up to doing it all start to finish by the end of summer. It's funny to hear them say, "more laundry...already"! And so true, when they do it themselves, they are less likely to throw things in that aren't dirty...just to lazy to hang up!!:)
    Enjoy the day

  4. Hmmm, this truly sounds like a perfect plan. Perhaps I will try this children laundry day very soon. Hope you're having a wonderful week so far, sweet Julie. Missed you! Hugs and more hugs for a happy lovely sunny Wednesday. xxx

  5. Hi Julie,

    Your linen closet looks great! When my boys were young I too assigned them the task of doing their own laundry but I did mine and all the linens. Now that I am down to just one still living at home, he does all his laundry including his linens. I love it!

    ~ Tracy

  6. Your linen closet look GREAT! Isn't that such a great feeling when you get something like that done!

  7. Ahhh! Doesn't it feel great to be organized! And it looks great too!

  8. Wow Julie,
    What a fantastic project. I must do this too, one day! I love the baskets. Isn't purging therapeutical, it feels so good to let go of stuff that has no purpose any longer. i am so impressed with the kids doing their laundry, that's unheard of in this house. Perhaps i need to follow your lead here. Wishing you a lovely weekend.
    Donna xx

  9. Oh do I need to do this in my linen closet...yours looks great Julie!

  10. I adore the hallway closet. Hehehe....it looks like mine. Isn't it amazing what baskets can do?

    I am putting your laundry system in the vault for when Thurgood has a sibling. I awed how great it is working. Kudos to having less laundry to do and your kids being so wonderful about the responsibility.


  11. The closet looks great and I love your ideas on laundry...brilliant!

  12. Your hallway closet looks fabulous Julie! I love your new laundry system too! I think I will get my two older girls to do the laundry together from now on :) Hope you are having a lovely week ~ Tina xx