Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Three baby birds,
right outside my girls' bedroom window....

My three "baby" girls share a room together,
and it's pretty cozy too.

This morning I lost it...
jobs not done,
clothes stuffed under beds,
"treasures" everywhere,
dirty laundry,
a major mess.

They went to school,
I went to spinning and spent time venting to a friend.

This afternoon we worked on getting their nest in order again.
I was helping Izzy put clean sheets on the bed
...and then I heard some noise outside their window,
and we found this in the tree.

We watched for a long time together, the girls and I.

I learned a few lessons too.

It's going to get a little cozy in the nest.
They will squawk.
Mom will be back and forth while they work it out.
Eventually they will fly.



  1. How gorgeous and what an amazing thing for your girls to see so close at hand! What sweet little birds they are! ~ Tina xx

  2. Great post Julie! I know how you feel too. My kids unfortunately don't have some cute baby birds to save them though! Don't remind me that soon my babies will be gone onto other nests of their own. They grow so fast!

  3. What a sweet gift for you and the girls. Neat that you learned a lesson too....many people would just look at it as saw a much bigger picture!
    Have a great night!

  4. I have the exact same baby birds right outside my window also. Great post's about to get pretty cozy in our nest soon too! Hope you got some sleep!

  5. Parallels! I think I would much rather be in your cozy home!!
    Hope the venting helped...sometimes you just have to walk away!!

    J :)

  6. If this isn't serendipity I don't know what is!
    An evocative entry today.
    Thank you,