Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hitting A Wall

I'm exhausted.
Productive, fun, busy weekend.
Was up at 4 a.m., and now I'm wiped.
Why 4?
Woke up.
Couldn't sleep.
Did 2 loads of laundry.
Ran on treadmill.
Painted the playhouse mailbox peony pink.
Made pancakes.
Cleaned up.
Took a shower.
Got everyone up and out the door.
Now I'm ready for bed.

I can't go to bed.
It would be a waste of time.
My kids have 7 days left of school.
I always have huge denial/ anxiety of all I'd like to have done before they are home for the Summer!
7 days.
7 days of a quiet house in the morning.
7 days to go at my pace.
7 days to get the place organized.
7 days to get popsicle jobs, Summer bingo and clipboards ready.
7 days to prepare for our last day of school party.

In the midst I have another art show to get ready for (yeah!),
and two gatherings to host here.

Off to get a cup of java and get some things done!!



  1. Wow, you're like the energizer bunny, you keep on going! Sounds like a busy week! School ends next Tuesday and with me laid up I'm neither excited or bummed. All the things I wanted to do before just can't happen, oh well, they will eventually! Good luck with your art show!

  2. Wow, I know how you feel. That was my week last week. The kids went to school this morning and I feel like I am free! But 4 am? You should go back to sleep!

  3. This is how I felt a week ago. Now it's summer, and things seem to be going okay. I hope you post descriptions of popsicle jobs and summer bingo and clipboards!
    And you're welcome to jump on the sugar wagon with us. There's strength in numbers!

  4. Back to bed, woman! Everything looks better after a little nap, and all of your chores will wait patiently while you rest. Looking forward to hearing about popsicle jobs...

  5. I can't believe that summer is almost here. I am so ready for a break though. I know that a few weeks into summer and i will be ready for them to go back though. I always have visions of grandeur of things that I will get done cause they can entertain the bitty one. Never gets done though. I am just looking forward to sleeping in a bit!

  6. Go back to bed while you can!!

  7. Here I sit in a jet lag stupor and I can so relate Julie.
    To tired to sleep...how does that work??
    Here is hoping you get some soon!!


  8. take it easy!! i have been feeling a bit anxious too! but I luv having my kiddos at home in the summer!