Thursday, July 8, 2010

Which One....

Did this 9 days ago?

Don't bother checking your monitor color.
It's right on.

Did you say construction cone orange is an option?

She's sporting an orange tutu skirt with it daily...
I can now find her anywhere in our house with the sound of her crutches.

Yes, those are polka dots on her toes.
That was the one thing she wanted done as soon as we returned from urgent care.
Yes, I could use some help making polka dots.

She landed on it wrong after falling on the trampoline.
No, not off the trampoline.
On the trampoline.
Yes, we have a trampoline.
Yes, I'm sure you have an opinion about them.
Yes, it's a tibial fracture.
Yes, it's a full leg cast.
Yes, it goes up her thigh.
Yes, she was in pain.
Yes, this is a pain.
It's Summer.
Yes, she has a gore-tex liner.
Yes, she can get it wet.
Yes, she can even swim.
Yes, she's been a tremendously good sport.
Yes, we still went to Door County.
Yes, we will still go tent camping in NH.
Yes, really.
There is no way anything can stop us from heading East this Summer.
It's been 8 years since we've been "home."
Yes, I've considered becoming a hermit until the cast comes off.
Yes, I'm tired of answering well-intentioned strangers questions.
Yes, it reminds me of strangers rubbing my pregnant belly.
Not sure how to write that.

Yes, I am exhausted.
Carrying 46 pounds up and down the stairs several times a day,
is really giving me a workout.

Yes, we are coming up with creative options to pass the time.
Yes, we are praying we will have good news on Aug. 4th when it is x-rayed again.

Yes, this too shall pass.
Yes, some day I will write a book.

oh, and the answer to my question....

Yes, it is Sofi.
Yes, it is Sofi with an "f," not a "ph."
Yes, I'm really sure that's how we spell it.
Yes, I know it's unusual.
Yes, it's Swedish,
or at least I thought it was.
Yes, it is spelled wrong daily by almost everyone.
Yes, it would have been worse if we had named her Maja.
That was the name we debated long and hard en route to the hospital.
That was a fun trip.
Yes, I really am in labor, honey.
Yes, I know we've been to labor and delivery a thousand times,
but Yes, she's 8 weeks early, and please drive quickly!

Ah, another trip down memory lane.
Off to book club and some vino with friends....


  1. I feel for ya. We too have a trampoline. My SIL used to constantly nag that we needed a net around it so no one would get hurt. Then her daughter broke her arm on theirs. How? Got it twisted in the net that goes around it and then got jumped on. No more nagging though. You definitely deserve some vino for this one. You are my hero!

  2. You amaze me. I always read your posts and feel that you are speaking just to me....I will keep your family in my thoughts. She is not happened to me the summer I turned 9 and took me out of swimming for the season. So glad she can still swim. My mom wrapped garbage bags around my leg....what a fashionista I was. :)

    Thinking of you...

  3. Being so far away I can but send you and Sofi my thoughts and prayers.
    Xx Felicity

  4. You said it dead on...this too shall pass. Savor some one on one time and she will look back when she is older and think of fond memories, not THAT horrible summer.

  5. Oh Miss Julie and little Miss Sofi :( What a brave blossom and just love the polka dots:) I love that you could acknowledge that this too will pass. Enjoy your wonderful summer plans and enjoy that very well deserved vino my friend. Hugs ~ Tina xx

  6. Ok breathe.... It will get better, you will jump again! Enjoy the wine with friends and I hope you have a restful weekend.

  7. Sounds like times have been a bit tough lately, hope you are ok and your little Sofi is ok too.If you want to make pretty polka dots for her toes, try dipping the end tip of a thin paintbrush in your nail color and then dab on to her toes. It works well with paint hope it works for you with nail polish. You are such a good mum, thinking of you.

  8. Oh no! Am so jealous of your trip to NH!!! Have a blast, it will be a great distraction from the cast.

  9. This post cracked me up, because we had a broken leg around here last Halloween. And we didn't slow down either. He didn't want to. But he chose Batman black first, then the Hulk green, then Spiderman red.
    The genders really are different, aren't they?

  10. what a funny but sad post, poor Sofi! I know all about misspelling names. almost everyone wants to spell my name with an o instead of an e. then we did it to our daughter, her name is Mckinley, no space no capital K. poor thing will have to correct everyone forever. she was 7 weeks early, scary huh?
    im happy to hear your summer will continue and at least she has a waterproof cast. i broke my leg when i was 5 and it took them 3 casts to realize i needed a waterproof one!

  11. From Katie---
    Sweet Sofi---I think it is a beautiful fashion statement! What an interesting season to keep you on your toes--and appreciate other parts of life. Can't wait to see you guys---and MAN your toes are tan!

  12. Oh dear, I hate reading these posts. We have a trampoline too, with a net and strict only two on at a time rules. Still makes me nervous.
    Good Luck, I had no idea there were casts that one can swim in, how great is that?