Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bath Reveal...Put up your feet and stay awhile!

Sofi and Izzy were so excited to take a bath....
it's been 2 months since the big tear down.

I will not miss tools all over the hall,
a toilet in the tub,
6 toothbrushes in my bathroom,
kid stuff all over my room....

Saved the hooks...
they work just fine.
View from the hall...

Here they are, ready to give a tour.

I wanted a plain white canvas shower curtain.
I bought a package that showed a plain white shower curtain.
It was on clearance.
This was a little bit of a surprise at the bottom.
I wanted to return it.
My family vetoed me.
It's grown on me throughout the day...

Color is hard to see.
We had the 4 kids pick out colors.
This wasn't one of them.
They couldn't agree...surprise surprise.
So Mr. Mark and I chose Martha Stewart's "Brook Trout" in honor of Linnea.
She's Linnea Brooke,
but more often than not,
her Dad calls her His Brook Trout.
We used a different brand of paint...color matched nicely.
Already needs to be cleaned.
4 kids, constantly washing their hands is a good thing.
So pardon the watermarks.
We all fell in love with this one...
Ok you can't fall in love with a faucet....
but this one was a little different...
and we all agreed...
Thank you to all who gave their 2 cents on the mirror....
Majority ruled,
and Mr. Mark was happy with the bottom line...
Cheesy Walgreens soap bottle....
oh well, it was cheap.
Ceiling color was on the back of the "Brook Trout" swatch.
Martha worked her magic...
added ceiling and trim colors to her swatches.
Didn't like the trim color,
and went with our standard,
Vermont Cream.
Makes me happy everytime I say the color...
and I'm even happier to be heading to VT in 3 weeks...
I digress...

This is under the windowsill...
same buckets, new hooks.
Buckets need to be labelled....
With 4 kids,
this has been one of the best things we've done.
Each has a bucket to hold their toiletry needs...
even little sample size toothpastes, floss and mouthwash...all labelled.
If they waste theirs,
they have to buy a new one.
No sharing....
can always tell who leaves theirs out...
works great.

Shutter recycle...great for a little privacy,
and to hide the fact I need to get on a ladder and wash that window...
in my spare time....
Easy curtain...used this before...
birch branch found curbside at neighbors...
hanging with twine on two nails,
3 white dishtowels wrapped around.
Easily washable.
Easy to change.

Exciting, huh?
Kids can not use the toilet yet.
There is a little leakage.
Mark is ripping it out tomorrow, and trying again.

Floor tiles are new, and since that is where the problem started,
That is where I will end.

Next up...
the exciting Linen Closet transformation...


  1. I like the neutral colors and the bucket idea is fantastic. I spied your sink and vanity and like that it seems smaller, more narrow then most...details? I may need, want for my bath.

  2. Thanks! I wish I had taken before pics...the room is much more spacious with this sink/vanity combo. It's only 24 inches wide, and we found it at Lowes. Izzy has made the box into a fort. I went to tuck her in tonight, and she was sound the open box....
    Faucet is Pfister from Home Depot. I used a toilet roll holder for both the actual toilet paper and the hand towels. Cheaper, and it fits the space better than the companione one they showed.

  3. Yeah! Congratulations it looks sensational, it's brim full of wonderful ideas to keep 'it' tidy and 'everyone' clean all with lashings of your great style!
    Three tin buckets are now on my shopping list [my kids have them in their bedrooms for waste-paper bins], with a teen, tween and youngster in our house this = pure Julie Genius!
    x Felicity
    PS Love, love, love the tap

  4. How excited are you??!! I love the new bathroom - all your big & little touches are just perfect! The mirror turned out great and I like the shower curtain too! It was meant to be! Enjoy!

  5. Great room, but I have to admit that I actually gasped out loud when I saw all the baskets in your linen closet. OOOOH! Love it! I'm glad it's done, but I can't wait until you can actually flush!

  6. I would say you have the perfect bathroom Julie.
    Well done and it looks like the girls love it too!
    Great shot!


  7. I love the colors and the can definitely fall in love with a faucet!!:)
    Enjoy the day

  8. Looks gorgeous, and I like the surprise at the bottom of the "plain canvas" shower curtain.

  9. You already know how much I adore the faucet....for over a year I have been stalking ebay. I knew I should have nebbed it the last time I saw it for cheap. :)

    Back to you...

    Your bathroom is so you and your family...I LOVE THEM BOTH! From the buckets to the colors to the branching --- so lovely.

    I hope you have many fond memories in your urban cottage spa. :)


  10. Love the redo! Love the shower curtain, mirror and buckets.
    Crazy about the faucet!
    Great job!

  11. very organized, I love the ideas of the buckets, cant wait for the linen closet, mine needs a redo I will see how you do yours, martha labels her's ( queen sheets) and thats where she puts them, she must have a huge closet.