Monday, June 21, 2010

Opinions PLEASE!

I hate to plead....
but I'm desperate.

The bathroom project is nearing the end...
and frankly I just want to get it done.

Does this mirror look too big?
I realize it's a horrible shot...except for the Mr. Mark in his blaze orange polo,
but it gives you some perspective.

Here's the deal.
The price was right.
$26 with tax.....2 marksdowns, plus a discount at Kirklands.
is it too big?

I haven't found any others the right size.
Below is the first one we found.
I didn't even take it out of the box.
Clearly it's too small.

I feel like I'm Goldilocks,
trying to find just the right size.

The walls are painted.
Trim is painted.
New ceramic tile is all in place.
Faucet is attached.
Towel ring is up...just not for this picture.
No water yet.
No toilet in place.
Shutters need to go back on.
Need to figure out curtain.
Kids' hooks, buckets, and towels need to be put back on wall.
Have a plain white canvas shower curtain to hang,
AFTER the toilet is removed from the bathtub.
Remember that pic?
Scroll back to April 9 or so.
Yes, it's really been that long.

I'm waiting for opinions on the mirror,
and I'd like to put a clock in here.
4 kids,
3 of them are girls...
time in the bathroom will be of premium soon.

I also need to find something to put above the toilet that is narrow,
and possibly has storage.

Those of you who know me well,
know that I want something a little different.
I've contemplated bath pics of the kids...
but of course they all hated that idea.
I've contemplated a chalkboard calendar...
to keep track of hygiene habits....even found one I like.
I've contemplated their artwork.

Then I saw this today in the Pottery Barn bathroom book.
Close your eyes.
It's terrific!
Ta da!

Are you swooning?
Probably not.
I am.
I love it.
I've spent the little bit of time I have scouring online...
no luck.
It's an antique commercial bread loaf pan.
Yes, I'm nuts.
It's different.
It's unique.
It's old.
It's conversational....
and I can't get it out of my head.

Any leads??
Anyone have one of these in their attic?
Just thought I'd ask! :)
Thanks from the bottom of my heart for any and all opinions.


  1. Update...thanks to a dear friend I think I have found my loaf pan. Yippee!!

  2. Julie with all those girls wanting to have their own piece of mirror 'real estate' in the mornings the mirror looks to be just right.
    Good news re: the loaf pan.


  3. I like that mirror and think it's perfect. In fact, I think the other is too small. The only way it might be too big is if you plan to put a medicine-type cabinet to the left of the sink. Otherwise, go big!!

  4. Mirror--too big. The loaf pan I think is a really really cool idea. What if you distress-painted it? Red, turquoise? Then I think you wouldn't lose it on the wall, which appears to be close to the same color.
    And I would get a funky clock with a stopwatch or alarm or something to give Brother a little power--"Sorry, sis, time's up!"

  5. I think the mirror looks great, I love the black frame around it.

  6. I love the mirror it looks the perfect size to me. A Big mirror in a bathroom is essential, for use and for looks.
    Good luck and have fun.
    Donna xx

  7. I like the mirror big...looks great.
    Can't wait to see the finished project
    Enjoy the day

  8. So... my two cents worth. Mirror is very pretty I think the confusion is the mirror/frame connection. Mirror is perfect size for your space but when you add the frame it overwhelms your sink. Think smaller frame same size mirror.
    And wonder of all wonders I have the bread pan.. too funny. Mine came with canning jars in the bread pan area and is metal.. I have 2 actually, they strap together for storage. What PB book are you looking at? I haven't seen it and think I need to find it:)

  9. The mirror looks like it fits perfectly, not too big at all...Love your studio-all the natural colors make it so soothing-just love it!

  10. I think the mirror is just right. If you don't like the loaf pan, why not a long old wall clock, or a newer one w/ batteries that has shelves under it?

  11. I think with the mirror bigger is better, but it should be able to be centered over the sink. If that works then go for it.
    If your girls are growing up in that bathroom I think an etagere with closing doors would be in order.
    Your doing a lovely job with the rooms.

  12. your my dream one for my hallway bath. I know I am late to the party but I think the mirror will work great. I know you might be worried about about the whole size but I think it is lovely just the way it is. :)


  13. Hi Julie. Looks like I missed the boat here...but I love the mirror:) If you live with it for a while and decide you don't like it after all, it would be easy to replace. LOVE your bread pan pic! So happy you found one:) Hope you are having a lovely week ~ Tina xx

  14. My thoughts....go with hooks that match the faucet. I have a chrome faucet in my bathroom which is why I went with chrome hooks. I figured that these pieces were essentially the "jewelry" of the room and that most eyes would note the 2 of these elements.

    As you know I LOVE hooks. I think they work so well for the bathroom. I hope I gave you some insight into your decision of the day. I know what you mean how silly these things can be..but they are also critical in making you smile when the project is completed.

    Hope I helped. :)


  15. i like the mirror-and w/3 girls-you'll "need" it :)

  16. I agree with above, keep the mirror, I think its great, and if you don't like it down the road you can take your time to replace it. I think the size of the mirror is perfect.
    Have a great weekend.