Monday, June 7, 2010

Outdoor Time Capsule

Photos aren't limited to inside your house...
These make me smile everytime I walk out the back door.

Two old picture frames,
4 16 x 20 pictures developed at Sam's Club,
2 pieces of foam board for backing,
tube of caulk,
wire for hanging.

These have been left outside through 2 Winters now....
and they still look great.

...and when they are driving me crazy
(like right now...9:11, and the girls are still yacking away....)

I can look at these 4 pics,
and smile.


  1. What did you do to make them water and mold resistant? Here in this climate I am not sure it would work....but they look great, and huge!

  2. Julie...this is awesome! love this idea!! it should be in a magazine!

  3. I'm with Pam but not just this, there's a treasure-trove to be published from your site [Publishers....editors...are you listening?]

    You have such a gorgeous blog, thank you for sharing.


  4. I love this Julie...what a great idea!!

    jeanne :)

  5. What a great idea Julie! I love the photos you have chosen of the kids they are great and the size is perfect. xx

  6. Oh my goodness, I just love those!!!
    They look amazing!
    We are in the process of trying to remodel our backyard patio area...hmmm???? :)
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Enjoy the day

  7. You...are a flippin' genius. I have a similar display inside, but am absolutely in love with this idea! (And I have some old windows that would do the trick, with a little revamping.) Thanks for posting this, Julie!

  8. What a fantastic idea! I love it. I have the same question as cranberry cottage - how do you keep them from molding. It is very humid down here. Is that where the caulk comes in?

    ~ Tracy

  9. Very cute idea! I'm going to have to steal this one :)

  10. Oh my, this brought such a big smile! What a fun and creative idea! Love it....and your blog!

  11. Knock knock....hello? Julie??? It is me..e. :) I miss you.

    Next house...I MUST do this. My house right now is not doable to this MUST do project.

    I seriously envy your creativity.


  12. i love that your treating your outdoor space as a room. really lovely!

    thanks for joining in the giveaway fun on my blog.
    have a happy day!

  13. These are gorgeous and it withstood the elements, amazing!