Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Everyone Needs a Fairy Godmother

And Izzy's is amazing.
Here's my sweetie on her Baptism Day, in the arms of her Godfather Eddy.

And in Auntie Trish's arms too....My big "sister" drove down for the day yesterday.
She arrived Mary Poppins style...
bags overflowing with tutus,
stuffed animals,
and an antique buggy,
all for an hour and a half long (at least!) photo shoot with my girls...
they laughed and played dress-up all through the yard,

and then came in from the heat to cuddle.
Izzy brought out her special China storybook and read it to Auntie Trish,

Sweetest thing ever.
One day is never enough to be together...
She is my kindred spirit,
met at a neighborhood crop,
and she moved away a year later.
Not fair.
I miss her every day.

We scrounged at Goodwill together too,
and did quite well....
Can't wait to do it again.....


p.s. The in our living room near the canoe window seat. I found it while out for a run...popped into a furniture store here in town. I overheard a man saying to his wife, "That is the ugliest chair I have ever seen." I was it had my name all over it. We got it for a steal, as apparently everyone else thought it was the ugliest chair too. Down filled Woolrich cushions and leather comfy...and it works in this room....


  1. precious, precious girl. What a cutie! And how nice to have a kindred to share her with. :)

  2. owww, what a beautyfull little girl!!!!

  3. Great pictures. Someday I'd love to hear Izzy's story. Maybe you've already posted it, and you could send me the link. So lucky to have you as mom!

  4. How lovely little girl! So peaceful the pictures. Love it!
    Have a great weekend, Julie!
    Li :-)

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  6. Lovely and Izzy are so lucky!