Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Days to Remember

Listening to the laughter of my boys playing with their fake basketball teams.
I don't get it, but I'm happy they like hanging out together.

My girls do too.
Our house isn't huge by some people's standards,
but it's plenty big for me.
The girls and I decided to make forts yesterday after school.
I thought the table in the play room would suffice.
It did, for about 5 minutes.

S & I chose to take matters in their own hands.
They've created an amazing fort under the basement stairs.
They are on top of each other literally.
They've created a sign in sheet.
The wonderful thing about it?
To access the laundry room I must sign in.
If I can't get in, I can't do laundry!

I'd take pics, but they are asleep.
I almost am too.
Driving to the gym at 5:05 a.m. is nuts.
Worked out.
Showered at home.
Breakfast with the big kids.
Laundry sorted.
Lunch making supervision.
Mark to train.
Breakfast with the little girls.
Off to school.
Six reading groups.
Lunch in the car while talking to a friend.
Prep time.
Conferencing with teachers.
Bus duty.
Clean up.
Dinner for Carl.
Carl to marching band.
Dinner with girls.
Picked up Mark.
Figured out car pools.
Baked cookies with Linnea.
Dinner for Mark.
Linnea to Brink (youth group).
Mark picked up Carl.
Mark picked up Linnea.
Reading with girls.
Are these the days to remember???

They are,
and tomorrow we will do it again....

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pondering On Life, Guys in tight pants, and Cleaning

Another week has passed.
Every time I think I'm getting into a groove, something shifts.

Today I'm beat.
I'm craving a personal day, and wishing for a little down time.
The weekend was good...but not relaxing.
I feel like I'm always "on."
Too much to keep track of....at home and at work.

The house is clean....and has been so since last week.
Apparently I'm the one who dirties it during the day? :)
I cleaned like a maniac.
Top to bottom.
Up til 1 a.m., and up again at 5 a.m.
Nothing like a little photo shoot to get the blood going.

Country Sampler was here last Thursday.
I was dying to be here to see them style and photograph.
Mark was instead.
So not fair.
I came home for lunch.
It was a zoo.
Too much commotion to gain any perspective.
I'll have to wait until the issue is out in January.

Is anyone else sick of football already?
I almost googled "how to enjoy a game,"
or "being nice to spouse during game,"
or "testosterone in tight pants...I don't get it."
I don't understand the hype.
I don't get the game.
I don't like the tackling.
I think their uniforms are queer.

I tried to sit through a varsity game last week.
It was painful.
Packed stands.
Whiney tired little girls.
Commotion everywhere.
Crazy parents screaming at the refs.
Not the way one wants to relax on a Friday night.
My version of ____.

The best part?
My son marching at halftime.
My son who gets the coordination gene from his mother.
I'm not....at all.
My brother nicknamed me "Putz" through High School.

Anyway, watching the band is incredible.
He's right in step....so in step I can't find him.
He got a hair cut last week for the occasion.
A big haircut.
I didn't recognize him at the door the other night.
I locked him out.

Off to the next thing....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What I Know For Sure

This little girl of mine knows how to have a good time.
She keeps me laughing.
She has a sense of humor far beyond her years....
She's been in my heart for a long time....
and in my arms for 7 years today.

Yep, it's Izzy's gotcha day.
We celebrated as a family last night with Chinese carry out.
It's the same meal every year, and we eat with our chopsticks from China.
Why last night?
Carl had marching band from 5-8 tonight...don't get me started...

This year Carl helped me set the table.
He made sure she had the "you are special" plate,
and our table runners from China were out.
Considering all the spats these two get in, it moved me to see the care he took.

I've noticed many in the adoption world have switched to "family day."
I asked Izzy if she wanted to change the name.
"No way, it's the day you got me."
She's right, and we'll continue to celebrate Gotcha Day for a long time.

After she went to bed, I did what I've done for the last six years...
Logged into our old yahoo group to check in with the other six families.
It's been 7 years since we've seen each other,
but we'll never forget that day.

Tonight with so many things on my plate, it's this pic that puts it all into perspective.
So much to be thankful for,
and so thankful for my little rainbow from above.

I love you Isabella CaiHong Johnson.
CaiHong means rainbow,
and she'll always be mine.

Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm Old

And the kids at school have no problem telling me so.

I introduced myself to a little girl, and said I was Izzy's mom.
I was hoping to make her comfortable.
"YOU are Izzy's mom?"

"I am..and Sofi's too."

"YOU are Izzy's mom? For real??"
"I am sweetie."
"You can't be."
"Why not?"
"You're way too old."
"How old do you think I am?"
"Geez, like 40 or 50 or maybe even older?"
"You are really good. I am 40!"
"My mom is so much younger than you."
"Yep. She's only 35."

So there.
I didn't think anyone would guess my new age yet.
I was wrong.
Kids are so smart.

I am this old, and this short.
Look at where my head hits the door.
Then look at these two.

Ok, I was wearing flats.
Next time I'll put on the heels and the eye cream.
Time to get some beauty sleep so I'm ready for another day at school...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's A Whirlwind

This is how I'm feeling these days....
and a bit windblown.
I haven't posted since Aug.19.
I've been working since then.
I love it.
I love the commute- 2 1/2 blocks.
I love the staff.
I love bringing my girls to school.
I love getting to know the kids at school.
I love using my brain again.
I love assessments, and interpreting data.
I love finding ways to motivate kids.
I'll be in this position until 12/16...
and I'm good with that.
My standards at home have had to slide.
Meals are a little simpler these days.
Kids are chipping in to help a bit more.
Laundry piles last a little longer.
Paper stacks are a little higher.
But I love what I'm doing.
I miss zumba.
I miss seeing friends mid-day.
I miss stopping at a garage sale on a Friday morning....all by myself.
I miss getting meals done before the kids home.
I miss having a snack ready on the counter.
Thankfully the kids have all been healthy.
Thankfully Mark's worked from home 1-2 days a week.
Life is good.
I miss my blogging friends,
but have a new little toy which should make blogging a little easier.*
Maybe turning 40 last week wasn't all bad.
It's the new 30, right?
I like it way better than 30.
Life is good.

*Thank you dear Mark for my eensy weensy laptop...